Konami takes its music games to MySpace

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Rock Revolution Xbox 360The MySpace invasion continues to expand throughout our society. The latest bandwagon hopper is Konami, which has created a special Konami Music Revolution page on The new site has information on Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 2 (Wii), Dance Dance Revolution X (PS2), Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3 (Xbox 360), Rock Revolution (Xbox 360) and Karaoke Revolution Presents American Idol Encore 2 (Wii). It also has a Rock Revolution Rock the Revolution Song Contest and a DanceDanceRevolution webgame embedded into the page.

The Rock Revolution contest is for bands, and involves getting your group’s song included as Rock Revolution downloadable content. You enter at Konami’s MySpace page, including your song in aac, aif, iff, m3u, mid, midi, mp3, mpa, mpeg, ra, ram, wav or wma format. The first place winner gets their song included in Rock Revolution, gets to record said song for the game in LA with Dave Jerden and Bryan Carlstrom, gets an Xbox 360 and the Rock Revolution bundle and gets to be in a Rolling Stone Rock Revolution ad. The ten runners up will receive copies of Rock Revolution for the DS, PS3, Wii or Xbox 360. Entries will be accepted until December 10, 2008, and the winning entry will be chosen around December 17, 2008.

A DanceDanceRevolution Flash web game, that can be played at either the Konami Music Revolution MySpace page or embedded into a personal page using the provided code, is also available. Its fairly simple, you just use your four directional buttons on your computer’s keyboard to play, and have to hit the keys as the arrow icons reach the top of the screen.

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  • bill

    what ever happened to the Konami rock the revolution game contest on my space? the website said the winners would be posted by jan 5th but none were ever posted and its been almost 2 months now. so who won the contest?? was there even a real contest? something strange is going on. I have called konami and they claim to know nothing about any such contest even though the web site is still up. I also sent them a stamped self addressed envelope as they mentioned you can do to receive a list of winners but never got a response and that was weeks ago. maybe someone here would have better luck finding out at least who won the thing?? thanks, Bill

  • Matt

    Our band Lite Brite actually won the contest with our song "Big City" and after going through a ridiculously unprofessional and stressful set of bullshit for weeks, we were told we were all of a sudden disqualified because the song is on itunes and we sold it twice. Anyway you can check out the song on our myspace at