Decorate a virtual home for Christmas in Home Sweet Home: Christmas Edition

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Home Sweet Home Christmas EditionThe Home Sweet Home series from Big Blue Bubble must be doing well – why else would Home Sweet Home: Christmas Edition be delivered straight to people’s PCs just in time for the holidays. That’s right, another entry in the home decorating series is now available, and this time interior decorators must keep in mind that it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Home Sweet Home: Christmas Edition has you decorating once again, but there are some new additions to make this title unique. You also get to decorate offiices and basements, there are special Christmas decorations, the workers sing Christmas carols and there are also Christmas riddles to solve. Plus there’s a distinct abundance of the colors white, red and green.

Like the previous Home Sweet Home games, Home Sweet Home: Christmas Edition is only for PCs running Windows 98 or better with DirectX 7.0, and a free trial is available. If you decide to take the plunge and purchase a copy to get you in the holiday spirit, it will cost you $19.95.

The Home Sweet Home games sound fun, but based on the description of Home Sweet Home: Christmas Edition, I can’t help wondering if perhaps it would have worked better as an expansion. I can see there’s a significant amount of new content, but the nature of this latest entry makes me think it may have been more successful had it been an add-on for the original Home Sweet Home.

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