Use a CueCat scanner with Collectorz’s Game Collector software

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the usb cuecat upc scannerBack in 2000, Radio Shack (and Digital Convergence) gave away free barcode scanners called the CueCat (aka :CueCat) that connected to your computer. You’d use it to scan stuff and then it would open a web page based on whatever you scanned. It was a nice idea that simply flopped.

A lot of those little scanners are still around (heck, I have three) and operational so, naturally, people want to use the cute little scanners with more modern applications including home collection software made by Collectorz. Particularly, gamers can use a barcode scanner to scan their collection of video games for a complete and easy-to-browse catalog using Game Collector.

Although Collectorz sells that and other software (for music, movies books, photos, MP3s and comic books) bundled with a laser barcode scanner ($199.90 for Game Collector with laser scanner), you can also use your freebie CueCat and save some money, making the software $29.95 (or Pro version for $49.99 or Pro on CDC is $69.95).

Collectorz also sells USB CueCats along with the software for $100 less, at only $99 for a CueCat scanner with CD software. You can also find CueCats online for about $10 to $15 each.

A recent email sent by Collectorz indicated that the company gets “lots of questions” concerning how to use a CueCat with its software. Here’s the email and quickie How To:

TIP: How to setup your CueCat scanner
…How do I setup my CueCat to work with my software?

So here it is, a complete step-by-step guide on how to do that:

Step 1: Plug its USB connector into a free USB port.

And that’s it! Just plug it in and start scanning barcodes!

Our software has integrated support for the CueCat, so there’s no need to install drivers or anything. Also, you don’t need to use the Initialize or Find Scanner commands in our software, those are for Flic and Opticon laser scanners.

The CueCat will work straight out-of-the-box! That’s the beauty of it!

It’s probably about that easy if you have the early 2000s freebie model that has the PS/2 connectors. The nice thing about that pricier laser scanner is that you can remove it from the PC connector and scan things on your shelf (or in the store) and it stores a bunch of codes. The CueCat, however, has to remain corded, though it does work with Windows and Mac.

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