Playstation 3 will not be streaming Netflix anytime soon

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netflix logoIn an interview with GamePro, Sony’s Hardware Marketing Director, John Koller, was asked the question a lot of Playstation 3 owners have been asking since Microsoft launched the “New Xbox Experience:” Will Sony be bringing Netflix to their console as well?

The answer wasn’t exactly what those PS3 owners wanted to hear:

We’ve concentrated most of our efforts on our download service, both rentals and downloads of movies and TV shows. Our efforts will continue to be there, because our customers want to own the content.

In the interview, Koller downplayed Netflix’s impact on the Xbox 360 by saying:

I was in a focus group in New York recently, and the topic of Netflix came up with a group of Xbox 360 owners. [Most of] those people weren’t aware of the Netflix agreement. Those that knew wanted to know the difference between Netflix streaming on the PC versus the Xbox 360. They discovered that it’s obviously the same, and those people wanted to know what the “specialness” of that would be. The moderator mentioned that you could watch [the Netflix streams] in your living room. But many of the participants said, “but I could watch that on my laptop, too.”

I guess I might be in the minority of people who wanted Netflix streaming to my console, so I could do away with hooking up my laptop every time I wanted to watch a movie or catch up on a show. Not to argue Mr. Koller’s point, but it all comes down to convenience to me.

What about you? Would you rather “own” the content than stream it? Does it make no difference so long as you get to watch something?

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  • anonysurfer


    Decided to buy a DVD player, Ipod Touch and Roku box instead!

  • tim

    I'm trying to decide on blu ray player right now and I don't want to spend so much money on one, especially one that doesn't offer the Netflix streaming. I've all the pros about the playstation3 but I'm not a big game player. If the playstation was cheaper, then I might consider it more.(at least throw in the remote for free) Right now, I'm looking at a more affordable player that also streams Netflix. If Sony would add the netflix, game over and Sony would definitely have my business even with it's higher cost. Maybe if you are a gamer then you don't care about Netflix. The end of the day, I would think sony would want to gain consumers whether gamers or not. Who knows we, non gamers, may decide to buy a game and get hooked. I am not going to watch netflix on my computer. I will watch it on my big screen. I don't care about owning a copy of the movie. If I decide that I do like it then Sony should have a popup at the beginning and ending about purchasing it for whatever they charge by clicking on the link or buy button. All I need now is for Sony to be proactive on this issue and start streaming it. I'm totally serious, If sony added netflix, many other non-gamers would also buy this system.

  • sirwilliamblade

    i already have netflix on my ps3, along with hulu, HGTV, adult swim, and a bunch of other sites and stations. it cost me less than $50 to get it started. netflix is $8.99 per month and i bought a program called playon for $39.99. you use the program on your computer, while your playstation 3 searches for a media server to connect and use the program, it is easy to do, and they give you 2 weeks to test it out for free, no credit card information required. great purchase and so far no problems. occasionally hulu doesnt work, but they keep changing their encoding to keep it from working, in which play on changes theirs to counteract it. very nice. if you dont have a 360, definatly worth checking out.

  • Big_elat

    I'm with Tim. – I'd buy a PS3 *TODAY* if it had netflix streaming. I'd even pay for the remote. I know about playon but I really don't want to have to turn on my laptop, and stream from there to the ps3.

    I'm also with Tim on the "who knows maybe I will buy a game thing".

    Sony is making a mistake IMHO. I'm looking at LG and Samsung because of Sony's lack of streaming netflix (or amazon or cinimanow or SOMETHING… ANYTHING).

  • Akaroma

    If i could stream netflix to my playstation 3 and my xbox 360, i would more likely use my playstation 3 due to the fact of the high quality of blu ray.

  • josh

    the ps3 was touted as an all in one entertainment center and mostly it holds up to that promise. however, it's missing one very important area and that's streaming which is req in my opinon to keep their promise…. I had to go buy a 360 for that. the only reason i bought a 360…. sony my amazing brownies taste like betrayal…stick to your promises!