ThinkGeek’s December 2008 catalog features a few groovy gifts for gamers

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thinkgeek mario luigi vinyl figuresThinkGeek has released its December 2008 holiday catalog and few familiar items have returned including the Grow Your Own 1UP Mushroom, Halo and World of Warcraft action figures, Halo 3 full-size weapon replicas, Tetrius magnets, Zelda Ocarina, Mana Energy Potion, R/C Mario Racer and the 8-bit Tie.

New kewl stuff includes:

  • Sega Pekoppa Robot Plant $29.99. This faux plant responds to voice commands. Yes, talking to your plants will yield an immediate response.
  • Mario & Luigi 10 in. Vinyl Figures$17.99. Name says it all. Plastic and looking dashing.
  • Tuttuki Bako Virtual Finger Game$49.99. Put you finger ion a box and pet pixelated pets. No, really.
  • Mario Kart WiiMote Projection Light$5.99. a keychain that shines Mario. it’s the best way to blind your buddies.

think geek hello kitty ornaments
Other kewl stuffs on the web site include:

  • Electronic Drum Kit Shirt$29.99. Beat your own chest like a fiend or let the ladies give it a go.
  • Hello Kitty Ornament Set $7.99 on sale. Hang a little Japanese pussy from your tree. The kids will love it.
  • Mario Galaxy Super Ball $3.99. Bouncy, pouncy fun fun fun. rubber balls with Nintendo goodies inside.
  • Zelda Phantom Hourglass Mini Plush$6.99. Cute, plushy and Zelda-y.
  • Dragon Ball Z Sound Drops $4.99. I hope they don’t shout all the time.
  • Mario Galaxy Sound Drop Set $29.99. Yep, the whole set of little sound makin’ keychains.
  • Mario Galaxy Mini Figure Set$17.99. Tiny PVCs are Weee! (or should that be “Wiiiiiii?”)
  • 8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt $11.99 – $24.99. Your lifebar (pixelated hearts) get brighter as you get warmer for his or her form. Unfortunately, you need two shirt for this to work properly.

Spend $40 or more and use the code SHIPFREE for free shipping on orders placed through Sunday, December 14, 2008.

If you do order, tell ’em Gamertell sent ya. Maybe they’ll send us a free shirt or a coupon or something. Or not.

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NOTE: Images borrowed from the ThinkGeek web site.

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