Gamertell Review: Strong Bad’s 8-Bit is Enough for PC, WiiWare

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Strong Bads Cool Game for Attractive People: 8-Bit is Enough screen shot

Title: Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People: 8-Bit is Enough
Price: $8.95 PC, $10 Willware
System(s): *PC, WiiWare
Release Date: December, 15, 2008
Publisher (Developer): Telltale Games (Adventure Company)
ESRB Rating: “Everyone +10″ for comic mischief
Pros: You get to play games within a game. Chock full of video game clichés that will keep you laughing. See the Homestar characters as zany video game characters. Plus you get to fight Trogdor.
Cons: Seemed shorter than the other episodes, no mini games to speak of, not even searching via the metal detector.
Overall Score:Two thumbs up; 96/100; A; * * * * 1/2 out of five.

The final installment of Strong Bad’s Cool Games for Attractive People has made its way to your PC and Wii. It’ s called 8-Bit is Enough and as always you play as Strong Bad getting into all kinds of predicaments.

In this one, Strong Bad accidentally breaks the Trogdor arcade machine he has in his living room, causing it to come to life and wreak havoc all over the town. When he tries to fix it, he ends up causing the whole town to warp into a paradox, where the town’s people and the video games he plays become mixed up.

So now it’s up to you, Strong Bad, to defeat the evil dragon and restore the town back to its normal state. Uh, does anyone know how to defeat a dragon?


And the dragon lives in the niiiight!

This is another interesting episode, seeing as you are playing a world that has basically been converted into different video games. You get to see Marzipan as Donkey Kong Girl, throwing crates at a poor hapless Bubs, and Homestar appears to you in obnoxious pop-up box giving you “advice” throughout the game. Also you get to interact with some of the classic Homestar Runner games you know and love like Peasant’s Quest and Stinkoman 20XD6.

Because you are playing a game within a game, Strong Bad will make a lot of cracks at his own game (Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People),. For example, when entering a certain game, he will say, “Man I hope this isn’t one of those lame ‘pick up item, use item, or ask someone about item picked up’ type games!”

It’s worth playing just to find all the video game clichés within the game, similar to the last episode which was packed with movie clichés. Some good ones are the item that can’t be grabbed no matter what you do, the lame licensed video game companies come out with to promote their product and the awesome use of a checkpoint.


Even powerful dragons have their weak spots

This episode seemed much shorter than the previous episodees. That may be because there was less to do in this one, due to the fact there was no side quests of any kind. You could still play the Fun Machine but it was really part of a quest you had to do.

They even got rid of the searching via metal detector since it is destroyed after its first use, likely alluding to the fact that it wasn’t a very important aspect of any of the games.

When you beat every episode, you unlock “free mode” where you can roam around and do whatever. In this game, though, there was absolutely nothing to do in free mode. I was hoping that you could at least play some of the games on your fun machine. The only thing you could do that wasn’t available the rest of the game was a Trogdor mini-game where you burnanate peasants.

Over Too Soon

We come to the end of our reign of terror with Strong Bad and his crew. This was definitely a very fun way to end the series. It was unique, hilarious as always, and brought back all the elements you learned to love from old-school video games.

I wish it was a bit longer but I guess the length of the game really depends on how quickly you figure out and solve the puzzles. Also we never got to see the Cheat Commandos in a mini game, among other things.

So congrats Telltale on a great Strong Bad series and I really hope they decide to make more of these episodes in the future.

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  • Carnage

    Uh… I got the metal detector at the start of the demo… so not sure what you're on about.

  • Jessica Moen

    yeah you get it in the game, but it's destroyed right after you use it…you'll see what I mean, don't want to spoil anything :)