Talk about a delay – after 3 years Black & White 2 finally gets released on Macs

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Black & and White 2 MacA long, long, long time ago – October 4, 2005 to be exact, Black & White 2 was released for PC owners. And it was pretty darn good. People acted as gods, controlling and raising huge beasts, fufilling wills of peons and whatnot.

Unfortunately, the poor Mac owners weren’t as joyous. They couldn’t play Black & White 2. Promises were made though. Macworld reported that Feral Interactive said it was working on a Mac version of Black & White 2 at the end of October, 2005.

Flash forward three years. Guess what? The Mac version of Black & White 2 actually has a release date! There’s even an option to preorder it in Feral Interactive‘s online store. Feral Interactive is going to release the game around the world on January 6, 2009, the same day Macworld Expo 2009 starts. Plus, it will include not only the base game, but the Black & White 2: The Battle of the Gods expansion pack.

The only thing I found perplexing was the price. It’s going to cost $49.95. Isn’t that a bit, I don’t know, expensive for a three year old game? I know it comes with the expansion pack as well, but still.

If you have a Mac and want to run it, make sure you have OS X 10.4.8 or better. You’ll also be out of luck if you don’t have Intel, because it only works on Macs with Intel processors. The only exception are Intel GMA processors – Black & White 2 for Macs won’t run on a computer with one. Better double check the system requirements before you go picking up this game.

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