Sessler uses his soapbox to discuss video game violence (again)

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adam sessler g4 soapbox violenceThe debates concerning video game violence will never die, not as long as there are parents out there who are all-too-willing to succumb to fear-mongering rather than actually researching and investigating what occupies the time of their offspring.

This latest rendition of the game violence debate comes as a result of Sega’s decision to air a trailer for MadWorld, one of their more controversial titles that will see an exclusive release on Nintendo’s Wii. According to G4, someone became offended at Sega’s decision to air the trailer, prompting Adam Sessler to examine this poignant issue once again.

Throughout his time on the Soapbox, Sessler made it clear that the scene that was considered “questionable” was where one of the characters died by having a flaming tire placed over their head. He made the point that this scene could be considered controversial due to the fact that during the latter years of apartheid in South Africa, this very action was repeated.

Sessler continues by once again tackling the popular perception that game violence tends to lead to real world violence. He pointed out that games can function as a bit of an escape for individuals to experience aspects of life that would be otherwise harmful. A point that I can definitely see myself agreeing with; most of the time when I play video games, I view it as a means to release stress and remove myself from the pressures of real life. While most individuals would seek a similar type of solace from books, I rely on games.

Sessler’s Soapbox can be seen below. It is items like these that make him a gamer’s best advocate in dealing with the many naysayers about games in general.

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