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Title:GRUVme Games GRUVme Games
Price: Free
System(s): PC/Mac (web-based)
Pros: A website full of fun an downright addictive games. The site has more than 1000 titles so there is something for everyone. It is free to sign up and play.
Cons: A lot of the games are poorly done and not always translated into English. Plus there is no rating system so you never know how vulgar your game will be.
Overall Score: One thumb up, one sideways; 89; B+; * * * 1/2 out of five.

GRUV games is part of It’s a gaming site where you can play 100s of short, fun games for no money. These games are quirky, entertaining, complicated and frustrating all in one.

GRUVme is relatively new and looking for members every day. You don’t have to pay to use the site, so the site earns money from advertisers. Also, some of the games allow you download, for a price, a full version offers more features and goodies than the free version.

It is quick and easy to sign up and there are tons of games on the site, so if you tire of one game, just click on another. You have to register for both and Gruv games to be able to play but they are both free so no worries.

In the bag baby!

A lot of these games are short but just short enough to be fun and worth playing. There was one point and click game I was playing called Mantyca County where the whole point of the game is to convince people to hold a sign that says “I support Kerry” and take a picture of them. They game was obviously not proof read or spellchecked and some of the dialogue was goofy. Even so, I still had fun with it and beat it in less than an hour.

kerryThere are also some games on the site that are downright additicing, Like Fast Food Fiasco, and Penguin Drop. Who wouldn’t have fun dropping whacking a penguin with a baseball bat to see how far he can fly? Don’t worry, the penguin is OK with it.

The best part about the site is that it is free to sign up. A lot of sites like this you have to pay for or buy credits. What is the point of paying for a site that lets you play games people created for free? I haven’t done much with the music and media section of GRUVme but I assume that’s free as well. At least to listen to the music, maybe not to download it.

There is a game for everyone on this site. You might want to watch out if you have young kids playing because they don’t really give you a rating for the games. I found myself playing games that I wouldn’t normally play because they had a twist to them. Like shooting office workers with a slingshot while their trying to get a drink for the cooler.

Can be quite a downer at times

One of things that annoyed me about the games on the site are the how low quality they can be. Like a lot of the games I played were clearly created for the creators friends to laugh at and no one else.

Sometimes they are not spell checked or edited, and contain missing components that are crucial to beating a certain section. Than can be very frustrating when you played the game for hours only to realize you can’t beat it because the creator forgot to add something.

Also, at times, the game won’t even be translated. it doesn’t warn you either until you play the game. The site should at least warn you that the games are not in English. You can, for the most part, figure out a game without it being translated, but it would be nice to know the reason why you are a strawberry walking over platforms and jumping on snails!


Keep on movin’ and GRUVin’

This site can be very entertaining and keep you busy for hours if you find the right game. With hundreds of titles (I barely got through 1/3 of them) there is definitely a game on there that you will enjoy.

Plus you can’t put all the bad game blame on the website because the games are all added by the users, however, the site could moderate it better and have someone look into what type of games go on it’s site. Also it would be nice if it could add a rating system and warn people that a game is not translated.

So go check out GRUV games and see what is in store for you. What else did you have to do today?

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