The first Animal Crossing: City Folk downloadable content hits Japan in the form of a red Pikmin hat

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Red Pikmin hat Animal Crossing City Folk downloadable content dlc
How does Nintendo reward Japanese players and also hype up the rerelease of a beloved GameCube game? It releases free downloadable content (dlc) for Animal Crossing: City Folk players! The first ever download dlc for Animal Crossing: City Folk is a hat labeled red Pikmin. When worn, it makes the character look, well, like a red Pikmin from the Pikmin games.

If you’re looking for the hat, many users on Animal Crossing: City Folk forums are offering to sell or give away the item. According to information on Zyetendo, you can’t hack the game to get the item – you must first actually acquire the item before you hack to acquire it. Hacking isn’t necessary though. If you can get your hands on a red Pikmin hat (like I did), it is immediately added to your catalog. You can then purchase them from Nook for 400 bells.

I have to say that this dlc is simply adorable, and a wonderful free addition to the game. I am especially pleased that it isn’t region exclusive and that you can purchase it from your catalog. I hope Nintendo keeps this up and makes all dlc catalog-buyable and region-free.

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  • Jenni Lada

    A conspiracy? XD Joking, of course.

    Its probably just because Japan got the Wii remake of the original Pikmin first.

    Glad you like it! It has to be one of the cutest fashion accessories in the game so far.

  • samantha

    awww what i cute hat can i visit your town and get one or can you add me and i add you and i send you the 400 bells and then you send me the hat? please

  • Carnavis

    actually the first dlc item was the shamrock hat which i have that and the pikmin hat.

  • Jenni Lada

    Hi Carnavis –

    The first North American DLC item was the Shamrock Hat, followed by the Pikmin Hat. Japan started getting DLC items before the US and Europe did. The very first DLC ever released for the game was the Pikmin hat.

  • Andrew

    I would purchase a Pikmin hat for 20,000 bells just for that hat and. PLease email me your friend code and ill email you mine. i missed the pikmin hat offer and would love to buy it from you. If you have the dsi chair i would buy that also. Please ohh please may I purchase?

  • Jessica Moen

    why does everything cool happen in Japan first Jenni why???

    oh and thanks again for the pikman hat!

  • raul rangel escamilla

    hi people