100,000 register to play text based UnforgivenWar beta

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Unforgiven War logoApparently, people are still interested in playing text based games. A good example is UnforgivenWar by Nvinium Games. This free text based, massive multiplayer online browser game allows people to join the military, go through boot camp, take part in missions and work together, all with only text. The game is only in the beta phase, but over 100,000 people have joined.

The exact number of player’s who’ve signed up for UnforgivenWar is (as of 11:53am CST December 30, 2008) 100,604. The main page has a nice listing at the bottom that keeps track of the number of “soldiers” participating. The actual active number of players is a little over half that (at the moment, 55,335), and a fraction of those active players, around 1,500, have been active in the last day. It’s still a respectable number and a success, even if you only consider the active players.

What’s probably helping boost UnforgivenWar’s popularity, and will help it continue to grow, is the fact that Nvinium Games has made this game available on both Facebook and Myspace. It seems like, if any developer or group wants to help get the word out about a free, browser-based game, the social networking sites are the way to go. If UnforgivenWar’s this successful in beta, I’m eager to see how it does once it’s complete.

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