Obama bobblehead giveaway at upcoming Cincinnati Cyclones game

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gamertell barack obama bobblehead cincinnati cyclones january 24 2008

Sports and politics, what a mix.

The first Saturday (January 24, 2009) after Barack Obama takes office as President of the United State of America (January 20, 2009), the Cincinnati Cyclones will celebrate with a free bobblehead to the first 3,000 ticket holders through the gate.

Because when I think of hockey, I think of Barack Obama.

The Obama bobblehead features a smiling president-to-be with his right hand giving a nice thumbs up sign. He’s also sporting a white Cyclones logo hockey jersey. Under the jersey is a dark shirt and a striped tie. He’s also wearing black pants and black dress shoes and the stand reads “Barack Obama.” The image above was scanned from a Cincinnati-area coupon mailer (Reach Magazine).

Tickets to the game: $10. Owning a Cyclones Obama bobblehead: Priceless?

For whatever reason, hockey teams enjoy Obama in bobblehead form. The Manchester Monarchs (New Hampshire, USA) pit him against McCain in a “Bobble the Vote” election, where fans “voted” for McCain simply because the supply of his b’head ran out first (see the video clip below). The Cleveland Lake Erie Monsters also handed out a few Obamobblers as well as a McCain model.

If you want one of the bobbleheads given out at games you’ll have to find them on eBay. There are, however, other Obama bobbleheads wobbling – or getting ready to wobble – around out there:

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