Roy Orbison’s music appearing in Rock Band 2 tomorrow

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Roy OrbisonOn January 6, 2009, a music legend is going to be making his debut in Rock Band 2. The first Roy Orbison track pack is going to be released tomorrow on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. It will eventually be on the PlayStation Store as well, but not until January 15, 2009.

The first Roy Orbison Rock Band 2 downloadable content pack (dlc) is going to be packed with hits. “Oh, Pretty Woman,” “Claudette,” “In Dreams,” “Ooby Dooby” and “You Got It” are the first six releases. I think it would be some sort of crime if “Oh, Pretty Woman” wasn’t included. There’d probably be riots if it wasn’t.

If you’re interested in the classics and are going to go pick up his songs, I recommend getting the 6 song track pack for $9.99/800 Microsoft Points. A single song costs $1.99/160 Microsoft Points, so if you decide to get one now, realize you like it, and go back for the rest, it could cost you $11.94/960 Microsoft Points.

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