How To: Watch the grass grow in style in Animal Crossing: City Folk

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I figured I’d at least have another good thirty or forty years before I’d start becoming obsessed about my lawn. Meticulously leaving out little “Keep off the grass” signs. Harassing the neighborhood kids. Telling them not to skateboard on the sidewalk for fear they’ll land on my property.

But Animal Crossing: City Folk changed all that.

It altered my plans (and possibly my thought processes) because now I’m contemplating putting up those very same signs in my virtual town. Well, either that or declare a free-for-all after Snowman building season is over and let any visitors who want to drop by destroy any remaining patches of green.

Until then, I’m trying to gradually rebuild Midgar (my town’s) vegetation. I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks that I’ve been implementing since the beginning of December, 2008. Some of them are working for me, so perhaps you’ll find that they’ll work for you as well.

At least there’s one bright side – grass, or lack of grass, doesn’t affect your Perfect Town status. You can have a Perfect Town, even if you’re living in a desert.

Option 1: Look at all the pretty flowers

You may remember the following image. It appeared in my December 30, 2008, article, “An open letter to Nintendo: Time to fix Animal Crossing: City Folk” and was taken on December 29, 2008.
Animal Crossing City Folk

As you can see, I am trying to use the flower method to encourage grass growth in my town. If flowers are planted in a desolate area, it will help grass grow back quicker in that spot. Quicker is, of course, a relative term. It’s going to take a long time for grass to come back, but it will be just a bit faster with flowers.

It’s been about two weeks since that last picture was taken. Let’s look at how the area in front of my house looks on January 13, 2009:
Animal Crossing City Folk

Okay, so there hasn’t been a revolutionary change. But it does look a little bit better. The white snow dots, where grass will show once Spring comes, are larger and have multiplied. It is still going to take a while before my front lawn completely recovers.

Planting flowers takes time. The best thing to do is take good care of the ones you have, water the withering brown flowers to restore them and try not to run over them. Also, take the time to water healthy flowers, as it may help encourage hybrids and more flowers to grow.
Animal Crossing City Folk

Option 2: Time to create a Department of Transportation

A good way to preserve your grass is to create your own paths throughout the town. Paths ideally preserve the ground beneath them, give people a safe area to traverse and also add a little extra aesthetic appeal. Many Animal Crossing: City Folk players have already created custom path designs they are willing to share, but it is also fairly easy to create your own. Even Wendell has a few path designs, so it may be worth researching ahead of time online what designs he’ll give you for certain fish.

If you’re a beginning designer, a simple, single-tile design repeated throughout the town may be the way to go.

If you’re more experienced, perhaps create a new character and use all eight design inventory slots for different path pieces to use throughout the town.

An important thing to remember though – if you change the design in your inventory, the displayed path piece will also change. So, if you’re going lay down paths, make sure you have space in your custom design section for them.
Animal Crossing Ahead Texture Generator

Option 3: Institute town ordinances

Another way to help is to set down some ground rules for your town. Tortimer is a useless figurehead, so he isn’t going to be any help in passing or enforcing any new laws or ordinances. (He spends his days sleeping in the town hall!) So if you want to get something done, you’ll have to do it yourself.

You need to set some basic, grass preservation, ground rules. I’d recommend “No Running” and “Stay off the grass” to begin with, and see how those work. You may also want to enforce some sort of floral protection code as well, just to be safe. Make sure whenever someone enters your town, that you either let them know via WiiSpeak or a regular message that certain actions are not permitted.

Making signs will also be a big help. If you plan on having international visitors, the best bet would be to go with signs that don’t have words. Take , for example, the impromptu image made with the Texture Generator at Animal Crossing Ahead. You can instantly tell from the image that walking on the grass is prohibited. Have these images on the ground in front of your gate, so people know right away what is or isn’t permitted, even before you say a word.

Option 4: Astroturf

If you’re getting desperate, you can always resort to fake grass. It’s always green, it’ll never die and if you set it up right, you can still run on it. Of course, you won’t be seeing any fossils, but it is a small price to pay for perfection.

You can either design your own grass or stop by Animal Crossing Ahead‘s Texture Gallery. It’s filled with different grass patterns from various Animal Crossing players. Most of the patterns were designed for Animal Crossing or Animal Crossing: Wild World and not Animal Crossing: City Folk, but the patterns should still work. Or, next time Wendell visits your town, give him a Crucian Carp or a Black Bass for a ground or grass pattern.
Animal Crossing City Folk weed

Option 5: The last resort – cheating

There are two cheating options in Animal Crossing: City Folk that can restore grass, and I don’t recommend either of them. Both could have drawbacks that can affect your town, game or maybe even your Wii. However, this wouldn’t be a comprehensive grass guide if I didn’t at least include them as options.

The first, and probably safest cheating option is time traveling. You simply set your Wii’s internal clock ahead, and your town will flash forward into the future. There are drawbacks to messing with the forces of nature, and I’m not talking about alternate timelines or temporal paradoxes. The first three things you’ll notice is your character will have bedhead, weeds will overrun your town and all the neighbors you knew will have moved. See that weed up there in the image above? Imagine that times at least 50.

There are a few others risks that may be incurred due to time traveling, though it isn’t a guarantee that your game will experience these. First, turnip prices at Nooks could plummet – staying below 70 bells for a long time. Gracie Grace’s stock may also disappear, and you’ll have to wait until next season for more of her exclusive items. Joan may refuse to sell red turnips, claiming they’ve all been bought. Also, some time travelers have reported not seeing Phineas the gift giving walrus in the city after time traveling.

The other resort, which I don’t recommend as it could not only mess up aspects of your game, but also could ruin your save file, is to use the GeckoOS Wii homebrew program to cheat. While the GeckoOS cheats can regrow your grass and give you access to a lot of other amazing items and things, it also could screw up your save file, and installing the homebrew channel to have access to cheats could brick your Wii. If you’re going to go through with it anyway, visit the GeckoOS WiiRD Community and learn as much as you can about GeckoOS from people who know what they’re talking about.

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  • Andre

    hey do you know how to get full grass
    please tell me if ya down

  • cuteplushie

    Um i do not want to be rude but it seems that your town's season is winter now so the grass would be gone , it's normal or should be it happened to my town too. But i think the grass that your talking about is not grass but weeds and there not good for your town so you should pick them not care for them. But your grass should come back if your towns in winter then yes it should come back naturally.

  • Jenni Lada

    @ Andre: You pretty much have to cheat or follow the tricks I offered above.
    @ cuteplushie: Not so in the AC:CF road. When it "snows", all green turns to white snow. Then when spring comes, all white snow areas turn green. So the grass doesn't go away just because of snow.

  • Jennifer

    If you plant a tree, and then chop it down when it's full grown, doesn't it leave a circle of grass under it? Seems faster than waiting for it to grow under flowers.

  • Random Dude

    The Homebrew Channel method doesn't brick your Wii (If you only use it for that), but it can corrupt your file if you're not careful. My Wii is hacked and my grass is full grown.
    However I think you can't regrow your grass with Gecko OS, you only can use "cheats" with it.
    eg. Walk over objects, run faster, etc

    And my Wii is NOT hurted.

  • ashley

    i dont get why it wont work for animal crossing city folk.that the only one i have and thats gay that it wont work.but il try.and this was a good site.ill give you 4 out of 5 stars=)

  • I luv animal crossing

    I've searched all over the internet to get the circle grass i dont want


    i have action replay wii…but i dont no how 2 use it :3

  • Jenni Lada

    Action Replay Wii doesn't let you enter codes for specific games. It just lets you access and use game saves from Datel that are enhanced.

  • Lily

    I grew grass by finding several days of rain. I used last 2 days of July and the first 5 days of July. I would open my door and stand for about 1 minute, quit and save. go to the next day and repeat. at the end of the 7 days I would go back and repeat process. You can take a day or two to talk to neighbors and clean up gyroids. It took me about 2 days on my time to have completely cover all my town in grass. Walk as little as possible during the process.

  • Susi

    Happy to have found this site. Looking for tips & tricks that are not in the book. Don't want to really "cheat" ha ha if you know what I mean, just make my town fun & pretty. I am playing by myself with my two little GrandSugars who come to visit about once a month. They have the game @ home w/ Wii speak but their dad hasn't set it up yet on their wi-fi. I have to go visit I guess and spend a full day playing for them so I can get their code ( they don't want to finish working for Tom, they just want to pick fruit and plant flowers and make clothes, lol! They are 5 & 7).
    I'm not sure how else to find anyone else to visit or to have come visit my town since I don't know anyone else that plays.
    I don't want to screw someone elses town up, lol.
    Thanks for your tips!
    *Susi* in Lovealot

    • http://yahoo Max

      I’ll play you


    I would like to advise NOT to use GekoOS your wii may get blocked and so may you T.V that you are using. I would find if you try and go onto I can provide you with fake grass and real grass shall grow under it (you shall only have to keep the fake grass there for about 3 weeks) Also another way of doing it is to go onto get in contact with us, and we shall be able to come to you town and either grow lots of flowers to encourage grass to grow of to see if there is any other way we can do it in your town because i have a lot of ideas, but seeing that i want my town to look better by paying at the town fund you shall have to give me 9,000 bells.

  • Jenni Lada

    @ Advanced Warning: I mentioned the same thing in the article.

    If someone does install the homebrew channel, your Wii will not get blocked and neither will your TV. What could end up happening, in the future, is a future Nintendo update coudl brick your Wii. There's also a small chance your Wii could be bricked in the process of installing the homebrew channel. Someone who did that would not have anything happen to their Wii. (While I never have done it to mine out of fear, I have three hackers on my Animal Crossing: City Folk friends list and have gotten some secondhand knowledge from them.)

    Second, it will take more than 3 weeks for "real grass" to grow under fake grass. Think more like 2-3 months. Maybe longer, if you play every day.

    To other readers – don't immediately pay 9,000 bells to the commentor (Advanced Warning) above. It seems like a lot of money to charge for letting people take a grass pattern from Ables' or get some extra flowers. Especially if the flowers provided are common ones and not hybrids. (If they're hybrids, then it could be worth the money depending on how many that commenter would.)

    Check an Animal Crossing City Folk community or even GameFaqs first. You may be able to find someone else who'd help in the exact same way as Advanced Warning, only for free.

  • master

    here is the cheats for quick grass regrow for gecko os

    Perfect grass

    286DFC80 00000010
    42000000 90000000
    00E92896 18FF00FF
    E0000000 80008000

    repeatitly press + while talking to Rover

  • Sasha

    hey, thanks this helped me a lot, i really need to stop hacking :/ anyway i would like to know about your clothes in the pictures, random i know but they're REALLY nice and i would like to see if i could get them, please reply, thanks xx

  • awesomes

    So it looks better without grass??

  • Shazy

    Thats just a waste of time

  • Courtney

    I don’t know why everyone keeps saying hacking your game/Wii is so dangerous! If all your do is get the Homebrew channel and savegame extractor/installer, there’s really no way your Wii will be harmed. The problems start when you start downloading channels and apps you don’t research or understand.

    I haven’t used GeckoOS but rather ACToolkit, and as long as you make a backup of your save file each and every time you work with it, there is literally no way to completely mess up your game. Make some changes that don’t work out? Just load the backup and it’s like you never did anything at all. And you can make changes that make the game look odd, but actually messing up the game to the point of ruining the town would take some actual work, honestly.

    The grass deterioration was a neat idea that wasn’t thought through well enough. Hacking to restore your grass not only has less repercussions than time traveling to fix it, but it’s also faster. I’m not spending hours just to fix a problem Nintendo should have fixed before game release.

  • Corn

    You’re an idiot. The grass does not die in the winter, it becomes snow. She mentioned that in thr article. She is not referring to the weeds as grass. She mentioned that in the article too. Did you even read the article? Do you even play this game? Are you aware of the grass dying mechanic that this article is about? You are just so stupid.