Bowling into the Presidency

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barack obama bowling with a wiimote

So you’re about to be the President and you’re really stressed out due to trying to save our economy, bring the troops back from the war and figure out a solution to that pesky global warming problem. What do you do to relieve that stress?

Play Nintendo Wii, of course.

President elect Barack Obama recently bought a Wii system for his daughters for Christmas (2008). When he has some downtime (if any) he likes to play it with them, specifically bowling in WiiSports.

He could actually use the practice since, rumor has it, he isn’t that great a bowler in real life. According to the New York Times, In last year’s Democratic primaries he was struggling with his bowling ability. Obama claims to play much better in the video game.

This just shows that video games are great for everyone: children, adults and world leaders.

Now I wonder how good he is at Call of Duty?

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  • Jessica Moen

    He should buy some REAL GAMES