LEGO Agents – Mission X free online Flash game launches

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LEGO Agents Mission X Flash gameA new, free Flash game is available on the official LEGO site, thanks to Three Melons. This time, the game is LEGO Agents – Mission X, a five level action game inspired by the LEGO Agents line of toys. Each level features toys from the series, and is surprisingly fun.

There are five levels in the LEGO Agents game, and each one is a different mission that has the player trying to recover or apprehend a villain and prevent various nefarious plots. The first mission has the playing going after Saw Fist, who has taken an energy crystal. You have to chase him through an obstacle course, using the mouse to control your character and attack. When you catch up to him, you must blast the energy crystal’s container, then catch him again and recover it.

LEGO Agents – Mission X can be surprisingly hard! Well, initially at least, when you have no idea what exactly you’re supposed to do and you’re getting used to the mouse controls. I know it took me two tries to pass the first level, where you’re trying to recover the crystal. I know exactly what part messed me up too – the second you catch up to Saw Fist. All of a sudden you get a target sight and you’re supposed to shoot, and it took me about a minute and a half to figure out where I was supposed to shoot. Then I crashed after I realized I was supposed to shoot at the crystal.

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    Super gierka batman do dupy agenci są super.

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    I like a DUPA and i like mission x, i hate ****ing lego dino, batman and exo-force

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    I love agents and hate ****ing batman