Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall Victory Pack MMO now in stores

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Cartoon Network Universe FusionFall Victory PackChildren over the age of 10 may have a new reason to flock to their computers – Majesco’s Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall massive multiplayer online game is now available in stores, and the game begins January 14, 2009. The game pack costs $19.99 and comes with the game, a four month subscription, a guide and codes for two limited outfit and weapon sets. People who preordered the game at GameStop also get a free t-shirt.

In Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall, players must help save the Cartoon Network Universe from Planet Fusion, which is trying to destroy this universe, make evil clones of established characters and turn everything that used to be good and normal into something tainted and evil. Instead of being an RPG, it is more of an action/platformer, where you go after enemies in over 600 missions, using powers acquired from Nanos – that is Cartoon Network character statues.

Parents should take note that the game is online-only, rated Everyone 10+ and requires you to pay a monthly fee to play. So your child would need internet access to play, and you’ll have to keep paying every month or your child could miss out. The game does make use of the Crisp NetModerator system to help keep the kids safe while playing, but it would also be a good idea to know watch over your kid’s shoulder sometimes, to make sure everything’s okay.

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  • Pierre

    A FusionFall vitory pack.

  • Pierre

    I would like to order an FusionFall vitory pack.

  • Zak

    Hello, I love to play fusion fall, and I played it for 2 years now
    I never had the chance to but Victory Pack back then, But i would love to buy it now, if its still running on selling them, I would really want Victory Pack, Thank you.