Legends of Zork heading to your browser

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Legends of ZorkJolt Online Gaming, which has brought us browser games like Trukz and NationStates 2, is turning to an Activision classic for its next game – Legends of Zork. Originally a text-based game, it is now being turned into a browser based MMO game that, like the other games previously mentioned, can be played anywhere and get you ingrossed even though it isn’t as flashy as other, downloadable MMOs.

The background story of Legend of Zork should sound familiar. The Great Underground Empire is experiencing a massive economic collapse, the government’s out of money and because of all this, FrobozzCo International has had a massive round of layoffs and the you, a traveling saleman, suddenly has a lot more free time. So, to try and find instant money, many people are becoming adventurers. They’re journeying through dungeons and other uninviting areas, fighting suddenly active monsters and hoping to find free, valuable treasure.

The game isn’t live yet. You can visit the official Legends of Zork website to check out the forums and see what people are saying and planning to do when Legends of Zork launches. You can also sign up for an email notification so when the game does start, you can be among the first players.

Legends of Zork sounds interesting, and since Jolt Online Gaming is working on it, it’s probably going to be good. However, people tend to play video games, in part, because it offers an escape from their everyday lives. I’m not sure a lot of people are going to flock to play a game where the background is similar to what they’re facing in real life. I could be wrong though – maybe people will run to Legends of Zork because there, they’ll have more control over what happens to their avatars then they have over their own lives.

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  • Annie Moose

    Aww… as happy as I am that Zork still reigns supreme, I have to admit I still love the old text versions. But I'm happy all the same! Zork's the best.