Rumor: Nintendo to Launch DSi in April 2009 for $179

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Nintendo_DSiThe Nintendo DSi may be coming to the US sooner than you think. IGN has cited three independent sources close to Nintendo (sources were not names) who claim Nintendo of America plans to ship its new handheld to the states as soon as April 4, 2009. It also claims the DSi will be available for $179.99, about $50 more than the current DS Lite.

This, however, is only a rumor since Nintendo has not yet confirmed this information. When IGN contacted Nintendo, the company naturally refused to comment on rumors or speculation. Regardless, IGN trusts its sources but still leaves the status as “rumor.”

In Japan, where the DSi has already been released, it’s shown that the new handheld is doing very well, even better then it’s predecessor the DS Lite. Nintendo plans to sell the DSi alongside the DS Lite when it comes to America, which means Nintendo needs to really point out the differences in the two handhelds in order to get sales.

Nintendo told IGN last October (2008) that it felt it wasn’t necessary to release the new handheld in America in 2008 because the DS Lite was already selling so well.

If IGN’s sources are correct and the system will reach us as early as April 2009, the best time for Nintendo to officially announce this information would be the upcoming Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, starting on March 23, 2009.

Read [Game Daily] Via [IGN] Also Read [Gamertell]

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  • TrafindCom

    i didn't like the ndsi. because the ndsi didn't can play the gba sp games. but the nds lite can play. only use the r4 can play the nds lite game or gba sp games. ndsi only add a camera.i cound't like it.

  • DSi fan

    Nintendo were quick to reveal the DSi last October so it wouldn't surprise me if this was true.

  • Nintendo DSI boy

    I heard they will be releasing the dsi console in the uk and us at the same time. That might be quite cool, but I reckon would put too much strain on stock levels

  • DSi

    The UK are getting the DSi on April 3rd, 2 days before the US.

  • TrafindCom

    if you want buy the ndsi accessories, or game card, please visit our website.

  • DSi prices

    Not buying one at that price. A camera games console was not predicatable in retrospect

  • Jessica Moen

    yeah well that's one of the reasons they keep putting off releasing it. Because they really need to sell it to us, why do we need to buy it?

  • Jessica Moen

    well have to see how it does i suppose…i'm still playing the original DS, the fat one that they don't make cases for anymore :)