Gamertell Review: SimAnimals Official Videogame Score by Winifred Phillips

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SimAnimals Soundtrack

Title: SimAnimals Original Videogame Score
Price: $9.99
Rating: Two Thumbs Up, A-, 90/100; **** out of 5.
Pros: Wonderfully composed scores that could be used in a high budget film, plenty of tracks with a unique sound to each.
Cons: Most songs are short and will equal to a little over 30 minutes of music.
Overall: The soundtrack to SimAnimals will easily be one of the best features of the game. The songs are relaxing enough to be used as lullabies and vary in sound throughout.

SimAnimals is a game for the Wii and DS platforms released today (January 21, 2008). It puts players in control of an all-powerful hand that can interact with plants and animals in the environment. Depending on your actions, animals will either love or hate you. It really is a better alternative to physically trying to play fetch with a real life bear.

With a game that takes place entirely in nature, a matching soundtrack has to be available to fill in all the white noise. The soundtrack to SimAnimals fits the tone of the game perfectly starting with the whimsical opening theme to the dark tones of “Danger Woods.”

The Basics

The soundtrack to SimAnimals was written by the award winning composer Winifred Phillips and produced by Winnie Waldron. Phillips is also known for her musical work on the God of War, Speed Racer, Shrek the Third and The Da Vinci Code game soundtracks. Her work has earned her four Game Audio Network Guild Awards which only solidifies the quality of her work.

The SimAnimals soundtrack is currently available and can be purchased for $9.99 from Amazon, iTunes and similar services. It features 19 tracks which is a little longer than 30 minutes of original music.

Each song lasts less than 4 minutes. Most of the songs barely surpass the 2-minute mark which can be hit or miss depending on how you look at it. If you spend a 10 minutes on a stage you’ll probably hear the song repeat itself 5 times or more. On the other hand, the music that accompanies each level is so heavily layered and complex you’re not likely to memorize the songs for a long time.

Nature’s Music

After the main theme, the soundtrack bursts into “Trailhead” which gets the soundtrack off to a great start. Listening to it really created an atmosphere that was full of greenery and flower petals blowing in the wind. It’s very upbeat at first to get your attention then settles into a more relaxing melody around the 30 second mark. From there the sounds of birds chirping are heard under the melody.

The quality of sound is superb and it’s amazing to think this exact song is going to be heard while playing the game. Some songs, including “Hard Times” and “Danger Woods,” suggest something dark and uneasy is approaching. It switches things up from the happy-go-lucky theme the rest of the soundtrack offers.

I like that I was listening to the exact soundtrack for SimAnimals and not just a soundtrack that was inspired by SimAnimals and not featured in the game itself. It’s very easy to picture yourself sitting in the living room with WiiMote in hand spending hours getting lost in the games musical score. Each location is accompanied by a different song that helps keep each environment unique and enjoyable in its own way.

Buy the Notes

The SimAnimals soundtrack is a great edition to your easy listening library. The music doesn’t sound like it came from a video game which is a good thing because anyone can enjoy it without bias.

The songs are quick, unique and help to convey the natural environments in which SimAnimals takes place from the sunny hillside to the dark caves. This is a wonderful soundtrack worthy of critical acclaim.

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