PS3 firmware update version 2.60 adds photo gallery, DivX support

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PS3 Photo GalleryThe PS3 has seen yet tanother firmware update as. This round the console will get more than just some fixes that helps with stability of titles we never hear about or some other kind of background update no one cares to know exists.

The v.2.60 update adds guest access to the PlayStation Store so anyone who’s anyone can digitally window shop without having an account. The PS3 will also be able to support DivX 3.11 formatted videos. The biggest addition in this update is the Photo Gallery application that is totally optional.

The Photo Gallery application is located under the photo icon on the XMB. Even though it will show up after updating, it’ll be up to us to decide whether we want to dedicate a little more than 100MB to install the application.

This is basically a fancier way to show off any pictures on the hard drive than the previous slide show option. Images can be arranged according to categories including location, facial expression and colors within the photo.

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