Important Importables Mini: Idea Factory announces Ore ga Omoe o Mamoru

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Ore ga Omae o MamoruIf you’ve been shying away from Idea Factory otome games because you’re not a big fan of visual novels, it’s time to turn to the company. Idea Factory has just announced that on May 12, 2009, it will be releasing Ore ga Omoe o Mamoru aka I Will Protect You, an action otome game. It’s going to cost 5,040 yen, roughly $56.

Siliconera has a few screenshots from the game, which show a white haired warrior journeying through a Castlevania style labyrinth. The official website just shows a gorgeous teaser image with the logo and a picture of a pensive looking Ren, who may be the main character.

Ore ga Omoe o Mamoru is the first title in Idea Factory’s brand new Otomate Forte line of otome (girl’s) games. The brand just launched, and unlike the established Otomate line, will focus on otome games that are more than visual novels. In fact, the Otomate Forte site just launched today.

I’m such a huge fan of Idea Factory’s games, so this is just fantastic news. Plus, Hiiro no Kakera‘s artist (Kazu Kiyone) has been tapped for the character art for Ore ga Omoe o Mamoru. Between the DS and PSP version of Will ‘O Wisp, the DS version of Ouran and this, it looks like Idea Factory has some great games coming out this year.

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