Yukes launches Akinai

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Akinai Games logoYukes is taking the step towards providing downloadable games for it’s fans. At the moment, it looks like we’ll just be enjoying WiiWare, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network titles, thanks to the Akinai Games division.

So far only one Akinai game has been announced, but considering that the whole new brand just launched today (January 21, 2009), I think that’s pretty encouraging. High Voltage Software’s Evasive Space, an game where, as Stellar Guardian Konki, you must navigate thorugh levels and recover Constellation Stones. The interesting thing about Evasive Space is that all that navigating is done by pointing the Wii remote at points on the screen. Sounds challenging – I guess we’ll see how it does when it’s released sometime this month.

The official press release states that PC and mobile downloadable games are also being considered. I’m hoping that Yukes and the companies it’s working with will adapt some of forthcoming Akinai games for the PC. Of course that’s just my selfish desire – I tend to get downloadable games for my PC and not for my consoles because of space issues. When you think about it, Evasive Space would probably work pretty well on PCs.

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