Gamertell Review: Harcos’ Health Energy Potion

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Harcos Health Energy Potion

Product: Health Energy Potion
Price: $3.45
Rating: One thumb up, one sideways; 80/100; B-; * * * out of 5
Pros: The packaging is very appealing. 50ml of drink. Pretty tasty, though a tad sweet. Would probably make a nice desert-drink.
Cons: The wrapper is all in one piece, so if you’re not careful when removing, you can lose the logo. Some people might consider the flavor medicine-y.
Overall: A pleasant drink, though it is a bit sweet. It does give a good energy boost too, so if you need energy, like apple flavored beverages and don’t mind incredibly sweet drinks, the Health Energy Potion is a good option.

Energy drinks and energy shots are pretty much everywhere, since people love the idea of being able to cut back on sleep without feeling exhausted. In order to help capitalize on their popularity, and also reach a very influential buying group, Harcos has created a line of energy drinks geared towards gamers.

The first was the Mana Energy Potion, a blue energy drink with a citrus flavor designed to give an energy boost. Since it was well received by the masses, a new variety, the Health Energy Potion, has just been released. Like the original, it promises between five and eight hours of energy after drinking a 50mL shot.

Harcos Health Energy Potion

Part 1: The Drink

The Health Energy Potion is a mellow red color – sort of an Indian Red or a Dark Cherry Red #5. It’s really quite pretty, and much more appetizing as opposed to the harsher, brighter shade of red in the promotional pictures. The whole thing is much smaller than I expected too – only about 3 inches tall. The plastic vial seems durable, and could likely be reused for other purposes, and the necessary nutritional information is printed very clearly.

I was a tad unnerved by one thing – if you shake a bottle of Health Energy Potion, you see a large number of bubbles appear in the liquid. These bubbles then remain floating on the top of the drink for at least 10 minutes after shaking. You’d think it’d settle a bit quicker and, for a moment, I couldn’t help comparing it to a bubble solution.

Intrigued by the color, flavor and potential energy boost that lay within such a small container, I attempted to open the bottle. After breaking three nails on the incredibly durable, clear plastic wrapping and somehow managing to break the tip of a pen, I retrieved a thin knife and opened the vial. I recommend that if you find yourself needing to resort to a similar method, to be very careful – the vial’s awkward shape can make it difficult to get through the plastic with a knife. At least you never have to worry about somebody tampering with your Health Energy Potion.

The flash opened, I gave a quick sniff. I expected to be met by a strong apple smell – like apple juice or apple sauce. Instead, I momentarily found myself unable to place the scent. There was apple, yes, but it was muted. There was a strong spice smell, but it smelled more like apple cider than apple cinnamon. Personally, I’d describe it as smelling like a combination of apple wine and apple cider.

I decided the best way to approach the drink would to take a small, initial sip. I’m generally a picky eater, so I like to know exactly when something tastes like before I chug it down. After taking a moment to figure out how to drink – the design of the bottle makes it a bit more awkward than you’d think, I managed to get a small taste.

And was met with an incredibly sweet, somewhat medicine-y taste. It reminded me of a kid’s cold syrup. Not a thick, cough syrup, but one of those thinner ones for kids with stuffed noses or mild colds. It also left a sweet, cinnamon-y aftertaste in my mouth, which wasn’t all that unpleasant and faded away after about ten seconds. The sweetness was a bit of a shock. So I tried a second sip, this time trying to savor it.

It seems like you adjust to the flavor, because the second sip didn’t seem half as sweet and medicine-like as the first. Perhaps it’s just an initial shock. This time I could clearly taste the apple and cinnamon. The apple part tasted faintly like a green apple Jolly Rancher candy, only more subdued. I suspect that the cinnamon was responsible for my sweet shock earlier, but it also isn’t overbearing. It’s kind of like a decorative accent that you faintly taste.

Overall, the drink was pleasant, and much tastier than Red Bull, my energy drink of choice. I then decided to sit back and see how much energy

Harcos Health Energy Potion

Part 2: The Extra Energy

I didn’t really recall feeling a sudden jolt of energy, after drinking the Health Energy Potion. Instead, I just felt, well, normal. I went about my business, spending some time with friends, and then coming home and finishing up some work. I did notice though that I wasn’t yawning at times when I would be normally yawning (around 8~9 p.m.). I also noticed that I didn’t start feeling tired, despite having woke up that morning at 6am.

I drank the Health Energy Potion at about 6:45 p.m., and it wasn’t until around 11pm that I finally started feeling the effects of the day and starting to feel a bit tired. I figured that the drink had lived up to the 5-8 hour boost that it claimed it would provide, and decided that I would then call it a day. Unwittingly, I had received more energy than I thought. I went to bed shortly after 11pm, but then didn’t find myself getting to sleep until around 1am.

So instead of just laying down, I ended up getting up and catching up on some writing. So even if you feel like you’re not getting the full eight hours of energy, if you drink it late enough, you’ll probably end up realizing that yes, it really did give you an enduring boost. It also came though on its promise of no sudden letdown. I didn’t suddenly feel exhausted when the drink’s effects wore off.

A substantial energy shot

The Harcos Health Energy Drink is a pretty good drink. I’m not sure I enjoyed it so much that I’d go carrying one around in my purse in case of an emergency, but if I was at a store and needed a quick pick-me-up and saw the Health Energy Drink, I’d definitely buy it.

It tastes pleasant, has a very small and subtle aftertaste, provides at least 5 hours of energy and comes in an adorable container. If you see it in a store, and you’re a fan of sweet drinks, it’d be worth a try.

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  • Janine

    You, Ms. Lada, are indeed brave. I never trust any of those things….

  • Jenni Lada

    Well, the first few sips didn't hurt me, so I figured the rest wouldn't. 😀

    Besides, the bottle is just so cute! I might try and use it as a little flower vase or something – I don't know yet.

  • uttam

    So the health drink facilitated you to stay back after 11 PM and you finish up some good write ups :)
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  • St Lucia luxury hotel

    Well, the first few sips didn’t hurt me, so I figured the rest wouldn’t. 😀

    Besides, the bottle is just so cute! I might try and use it as a little flower vase or something – I don’t know yet.