Nobel Museum will preserve Postal 2 for posterity

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postal 2 bloody screen shot

Maybe this makes up for all the awards Postal 2 didn’t win as a shooter more renowned for its controversial content than its gameplay. Kotaku tells us that the game, which caused quite the uproar in Sweden, will now appear in that nation’s Nobel Museum as part of an exhibit on freedom of speech.

Rhe exhibit, called “Freedom of Speech: How Free is Free?” will look at many issues including game censorship and that portion of the exhibit will include footage from Postal 2. The exhibit will examine censorship in video games, movies, books and magazines. It will also include discussions of variou issues including tge use of free speech as a rationale for spreading hateful or destructive words.

These are issues that definitely warrant more discussion, but here’s hoping the Nobel Museum adds some eyebrow-raising games known for gameplay as well as content.

A discussion of Grand Theft Auto, Manhunt or (quick, let me think of a controversial game that’s not done by Rockstar), oh yeah, Doom, would actually interest the average gamer a lot more than a game that only got publicity because it pushed some hot buttons. Well that, and it had Gary Coleman in it.

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