Dark Knight video game is officially not happening

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Sorry, Batman fans.

The game based on the hit movie The Dark Knight isn’t going to happen, according to Kotaku Australia.

The studio charged with the project, Pandemic Brisbane, was caught in the Electronic Arts cost-cutting measures. EA, which had acquired the Batman game rights from Time Warner, was going to publish the title with Pandemic Brisbane developing.

The game was initially slated to release at the same time as the movie, which didn’t happen. Pandemic pushed the title back to December 2008 to coincide with the DVD release of The Dark Knight. That wasn’t a bad idea. Better to take your time with a game than release something so bad Batman himself might have to hunt you down and dish out justice.

But, ,according to Kotaku, it became clear in September 2008 this game wasn’t even going to make a December 2008 window. That release wasn’t negotiable as EA’s Bat rights expired in December. That ended the game and the cuts going on throughout the EA empire ended Pandemic Brisbane. Pandemic’s LA arm appears to have survived the culling, at least so far.

I’m a huge comic book fan and I loved The Dark Knight. That said, I would rather the game never happen if it was going to be another poorly done movie cash-in and it really sounds like that’s the way things were headed.

All hope is not lost, as Eidos’ Batman Arkham Asylum looks like it’s coming along really nicely.

Read [Kotaku Australia] via [Paste Magazine]

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