Online FPS Cross Fire enters open beta January 30, 2009

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Cross Fire

Looks like Combat Arms is going to have a FPSMMO companion – G4Box Inc and Wicked Interactive’s online FPS Cross Fire‘s open beta starts January 30, 2009. Like Combat Arms, it’s a military themed first person shooter where you can play with others online to see which players and teams are the strongest and best. It also is free-to-play, like Combat Arms.

The differences start when you look at the ways you play Cross Fire. There are four modes listed on the official site, Team Match, where you must meet an objective or wipe out the other team, Team Death Match, where each team tries to get the most kills, Annihilation Match, where teams try to wipe each other out and Ghost Match, where one team is cloaked and has to use stealth and certain weapons and the other team isn’t and can use any weapon.

The open beta of Cross Fire has quite a few new features implemented. Players are now ranked and tracked based on their performance in the game. Players can also make friends lists and make or join clans. Of course, new maps, weapons and items will also be introduced into the game with the open beta update.

The only downside is, if you’ve been playing Cross Fire since the closed beta, you’ll have to start over from the beginning. The current accounts and rankings are all being reset. Closed beta players who filled out the survey will get GP and closed beta survey items though – so that should help take the sting out of restarting.

If you’re interested – it’s only for PCs with Windows XP or better and DirectX 9.0c or better. If you can’t meet those specifications, you’ll have to find another game.

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