Get ready for more block tower toppling with Boom Blox Bash Party

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Boom Blox Bash Party

The Boom Blox sequel, Boom Blox Bash Party has just been confirmed by EA, and it is going to have an online component that doesn’t require a friend code. One of the most hyped addition to the game is Create Mode, which allows players to create their own Boom Blox Bash Party levels. You can then take these levels and upload them to a server for others to play. This means that you’ll also be able to download new user-created levels.

There is also going to be a stronger focus on the multiplayer options in Boom Blox Bash Party, as there will be double the multiplayer challenges and team challenges. I guess this means that you’ll be spending more time with friends playing the game, rather than trying to tackle those single player challenges and puzzles. I’m glad – sometimes playing too many of those challenges in a row, alone, was boring.

It’s looking like EA was listening to the fans when it came to Boom Blox Bash Party, as more “why wasn’t this in the first game” blocks, tools, multiplayer options and puzzles are available in the sequel. There are over 400 levels in the game, as well as new block types and shapes, cannon, paint ball and slingshot tools and blox that look like the characters. It’s looking like Boom Blox Bash Party is going to be one of the big titles of spring 2009.

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