Madden 09 simulation almost hit Super Bowl score on the nose

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Willie Parker Super Bowl
If the accuracy of its latest Super Bowl prediction is any indication, EA Sports’ Madden 09 is as good as any paid prognosticator. As we previously reported, EA Sports simulation of Super Bowl XLIII predicted a 28-24 Pittsburgh win. The real final score was 27-23 and things played out largely how the video game said they would.

The simulation predicted Pittsburgh would make things look like a rout in the first half, putting up a 21-7 halftime lead. The actual halftime score was 17-7, pretty close to what the game said. The simulation said Pittsburgh would survive an improbable late Arizona rally and that’s exactly what transpired in Tampa Bay. The largest deficit ever overcome in a Super Bowl is 10 points, meaning second half surges such as the Cardinals’ display are highly unlikely. Just as in the simulation, Ben Roethlisberger earned the Steelers’ sixth championship with a game-ending touchdown drive.

“Big deal,” you say? The game got it close to right. But remember the Arizona Cardinals weren’t supposed to be any good this year, a 45-1 shot to make it to Tampa Bay. I don’t know if EA Sports applied any Xbox Live updates to this or not. Even then, the key players on the Cardinals roster haven’t changed all that much since last year. They just played far, far better than anyone expected them to. And the game has correctly predicted the Super Bowl winner six of the last seven years. I have to go now, I’m running an NBA Live 09simulation to see if a long shot team makes the NBA Finals. For entertainment purposes only, of course.

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