Pokemon Platinum preorders get a Giratina Origin Forme

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Pokemon PlatinumNintendo already knows people are going to go out and buy Pokemon Platinum for the DS. It’s a given. Even though it’s basically just a slightly tweaked version of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, those few extra legendary characters and scenarios are worth an extra $34.99.

The company’s decided to sweeten the deal. You know, lure in those uncertain fans who were possibly thinking about getting another game in March. Starting on February 15, 2009, every Pokemon Platinum preorder gets a 2.75″ Kaiyodo Girantina Origin Forme figurine. Personally, I think the Dialga and Palkia styluses that came with Pokemon Diamond/Pearl preorders were better, but everyone’s tastes are different. Like with all preorder items, the Girantina Origin Formes are first come, first serve.

So, you’ll end up getting a miniature statue of that character on the Pokemon Platinum box. Girantina Origine Forme looks more like a giant larva ghost, rather than the dragon/ghost pokemon it’s supposed to be. If you’re exceptionally crafty, you could probably create six legs and some wings that you could attach and detach from the toy. Actually, that’d probably have made a better preorder toy! A Girantina statue that you can shift from Altered forme to Origin forme, and then back again. Okay people – let’s make this happen!

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