Aliens: Colonial Marines pushed back, role-playing game possibly cancelled

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aliens colonial marinesJapanese publisher Sega seems to have no love for the long-delayed, canceled and then reborn Aliens: Colonial Marines as it has decided once more to push the game’s release back yet again for a possible 2010 release, instead of its original Q1 2009 release.

Originally in development for the Playstation 2 back in 2001, the game was dropped by then publisher EA. In 2008, Texas based Gearbox Software reported that it was developing Aliens: Colonial Marines for all current-gen systems. Sega would be the publishers.

Sega also had another Alien’s game in the works, which was a rumored role-playing game that was being developed by Obsidian. However, that title has been given the axe as reports have stated that Sega has decided to indefinitely suspended work on that title.

In a statement made to GameSpot in regards to this new setback, a Sega representative simply stated the usual:

“We will have more news to share about our Aliens franchise games in the near future. Sega does not comment on rumors or speculation about its products. … Please stay tuned for future correspondence regarding our products.”

It would seem that these rumors, for now, are a direct result in Sega’s and several other triple-A publishers effected by the current world economic crisis, as Sega has been forced to lay off hundreds of its employees to save costs and re-examining their upcoming games.

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