Sony thinks girl gamers want purple PSPs and Petz

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Lilac Purple PSP 3000

Sony’s made two big, new bundle announcements. The interesting part is that it seems the two $199.99 bundles are aimed at two different genders.

For the men Sony has an Assassin’s Creed PSP bundle. It comes with a piano black PSP 3000 unit, the Assassin’s Creed PSP game from Ubisoft. It will likely also come with the requisite memory card, and some sort of other extras which haven’t been named.

For the women, Sony has Hannah Montana. That’s right – a pastel purple PSP 3000 with a Hannah Montana music game, a UMD with Hannah Montana episodes, Hannah Montana stickers and a 2gb memory stick. Doesn’t seem as exciting.

Ubisoft will also be contributing Petz games for the PSP, along with the Assassin’s Creed entry. The exact Petz titles to come haven’t been specified, but the Playstation.Blog mentions bunnies, cats, dogs, dolphins, hamsters, horses and tigers – all Petz games that have already appeared on the DS.

I will admit, color is a major factor when I pick out a portable gaming system. Call it shallow, or being girly, but if there’s more than one color available, then it is definitely going to play a part in my decision. Especially when it is an established system, and not something brand new. Back when I purchased my PSP, the only colors were white with Darth Vader on the back, black or silver. Nothing striking. So if a purple system had been an option, I’d probably have gone for it.

But not if it came with a Hannah Montana PSP game.

Sony is going to severely limit themselves with this bundle decision. The Hannah Montana demographic is under the age of 13. The primary audience for most PSP games (typically RPGs) is 13 and up.

If anything, Sony should have worked with Square Enix to bring one of the Star Ocean PSP bundles that were released in Japan to the US. A pastel blue PSP could have appealed not only to female gamers, but also male gamers as well. It wouldn’t have been so pointed at one select group of users.

A purely female PSP bundle doesn’t really work for the PSP, since many of the games for the system are gender-neutral. Yes, there are quite a few manly action games. But for the most part, there are RPGs with both male and female leads, quirky games like Patapon and Loco Roco and classic game collections.

A pet puppy sim is not going to get girls playing the PSP. People who purchase a PSP are typically strategy or RPG fans. Besides, the DS already controls the portable, virtual pet market. Better to start trying to go for girl gamers who enjoy games with substantial storylines and creative cahracters.

I wouldn’t be surprised to find the Assassin’s Creed piano black bundle more popular among female gamers than the Hannah Montana lilac purple bundle. Any Gamertell readers think Petz, Hannah Montana and a purple PSP are enough to make girl gamers flock to Sony’s handheld?

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  • Juandy

    Yes, I think Sony should think about a better game to be packed within its Girls oriented Purple PSPs…
    Sony should pack a game that aims to older girls…

    Green Gadgets:

  • Jenni Lada

    I agree as well. I think Star Ocean: Second Evolution would have been a good choice, since it is an RPG that allows players to choose to play as either a male or female lead. Or perhaps Patapon. Or Jeanne d'Arc even.

    @ Jessi: Cooking Cama? 😛 hehe

    Actually, the DS Cooking Mama games are really good. I enjoy them.

  • Jenni Lada

    I can't wait to see how Gardening Mama is, and to try out the My Pet Shop game as well!

  • oliemoon

    The Lilac PSP looks really, really sleek. Still not as cool as the Ceramic Vader, IMO, but better than the other colors we have in the US of A. I wish Sony would release more colors as stand alones instead of in bundles. I got a Black 2000 just because I didn't want any of the games in the bundles available at the time, and even though the Lilac PSP is cool, I wouldn't spend the extra $30 just to get it. I remember an interview where the head of SCEA said that the bundles have been really really big sellers though, so I doubt we'll see other options in the future.

    It's really sad that Sony is finally just now trying to get on board with the concept of inclusive marketing and this is the mess we get. Gurlz = Hannah Montana is pretty condescending, but that's Sony for ya. I agree that a Star Ocean bundle would have been a better way to go.

    I third the Cooking Mama love, btw. I know I'll want Gardening Mama too, but I'm trying not to think about cause I have too many other games to get this spring.

  • Jenni Lada

    I think people like the bundle because for the extra $30 it seems like you're getting so much more. (Memory card, game, video UMD)

    As horrible as the Hannah Montana tie-in is, I think I would cave if I didn't already have a PSP. The power of purple is too persuasive.

    I agree – I'd like to see more stand alone cool colors. They did it in Japan! They had a gorgeous mint-green and pink one there.

    Don't forget My Pet Shop from Taito. If I remember right, it's part of that Mama series as well! It's out this month.

  • oliemoon

    Yeah, I mean if you are interested in the game, then the bundles are a great way to go. I didn't want God of War, Daxter or Star Wars Battlefront though, and memory cards can be obtained for much cheaper than retail prices, so I couldn't justify the extra $30 at the time. But if I could go back, I would tell myself to go ahead and splurge on the Ceramic Vader bundle (now that I think of it, the reason I passed back then was because it was the only bundle that didn't come with a memory card or a UMD–just the Star Wars game, so it wasn't really a good deal).

    The Japanese color options are great. I really love the new line that's coming out this month. I pre-ordered the Vibrant Blue for my fiance and I'll be picking it up tomorrow. If I had to choose for myself though, I don't know which one I would go with cause I really like the red, yellow and green ones too.

    Ahh, don't tell me about My Pet Shop! Too many games to play..:-)

  • abisai

    I think it should be a little bit dark purple and it should come out with a game like boys and girls like because some boys like purple

  • jessica dolan

    i think that sony is very sextist why would they do a pink and purple psp if there are no games to go with it for girls but not just for little girls but for 11 year olds and over my daughter wanted one but she only found one games which is harvest one which is the only want she wants so she has settled for a ds i but it broke her heart that she couldn't have one epsically in such a bright pink colour or purpleshe will wait a little longer to see if there are any games for older girls.

  • Jenni Lada

    @ Jessica Dolan:

    Hi Jessica,

    In Japan there are many more PSP colors. This purple color was already there for years, as is a pink and pastel blue and green ones.

    There are plenty of PSP games girls would enjoy, just they're more gender neutral titles any player would love. You'd have to check each one's rating to determine if they'd be appropriate for your daughter though For example there's:
    Jeanne D'Arc (strategic RPG with female protagonists)
    Loco Roco (casual action game)
    Patapon (music action game)
    Star Ocean: Second Evolution (RPG where you can choose to be a female lead)
    Valkyrie Profle: Lenneth (RPG with female lead)
    Monster Hunter (Action game where you can choose to be a female lead)
    Disgaea (strategic RPG with two females who are supporting the main character)

    There are also a number of "collections", like the Sega Genesis Collection or EA collection which contain 10+ popular old games on one UMD that you can play.

    There's also a Kingdom Hearts game planned for the PSP as well.

  • Angie

    From what I have seen, the Hannah Montana game for the Psp is real lame..the graphics are bad!!! Noyone really likes her show anyore,so i dont think anyone is going to buy it. First of all it is babyish. My friends and I would totally prefer an action game or even a game with animals. I really like purple(it is my favorite color)but i am afraid that i will get embaressed if i show up at school for instance playing with it…please forget the hannah montana idea and put the petz game instead!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessica Moen

    I don't think anyone like Hanna Montana anymore! The 4th graders that i tutor told me that they are completly over her now! I know there's a bit older but still.

    if there going for real young girls, then these games might work, but i think if a girl wants to buy a system they will pick purple over black regardless of the game it comes with! Packing the system with these little kid games is only gonna deter older people from getting it bacause they could care less about the game.

    does that make sense?

  • Jessica Moen

    like Cooking Cama!!

    Sorry that just came out….

  • Jessica Moen

    Sorry i can't spell! 😉

    and yes i love those games! if only i can convince others….