How To: Decide if a Mabinogi elf, human or giant character is best for you

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Mabinogi humanWant to get involved in Nexon’s free-to-play MMORPG Mabinogi? It’s a great time for it, what with the massive Pioneers of Iria expansion just added into the game and a lot of previously premium content suddenly becoming free.

Of course, with that expansion came some important decisions. Now there are three different races for characters to pick from – humans, giants and elves. Each race plays differently, and depending on which you choose, you could end up an unknowing pawn in an ongoing war.

So today we’ll take a close look at Mabinogi‘s three races, to help newcomers and returning veterans better understand what each has to offer. We’ll tell you how to get your free elf and giant character cards, then go through basic information on all three races. When you’re done, you may want to look back at Gamertell’s previous Mabinogi guides.

Getting your Giant and Elf Assistant Cards

Nexon wants you to test drive the new races. Really, it does. That’s why it is so easy to get one free card for each race in the game. Okay, it’s easy if you can find someone who’s already been to the elf village Filia or the giant village Vales and can take you there via Mana Tunnels. Otherwise, you have to trek all across Rano, Physis and Connus. Human characters can swear allegiance to the elves or giants. When you speak to the elf elder Castanea or the giant elder Krug for the very first time and swear to be on his or her side, you’ll receive a card to create a character from that race.

Once you’ve received one card, you can speak to the elder again and break ties with that race. Then, the next day you can go to the other elder, swear allegiance and receive a card for the other race.

After getting your cards, you’re ready to agonize over which race to focus on.


Humans are your basic characters. They’re reliable, well rounded and the most plentiful race in Mabinogi at the moment. It’s what everyone starts out as, in Tir Chonaill.

When it comes to appearance, theirs is the most varied. They have a wide selection of equipable clothing, weapons, armor and accessories. They also have the most basic and premium character feature options. So if you want to look unique, a human is the way to go.

Humans also have a lot of riding options. They can ride any of the mountable pets. Also, if a human decides to ally with the giants, they can ride on giants.

They also have two possible transformations that can be earned by going through the storyline quests from Generations 2 and 3 of Mabinogi. This means they can turn into a Paladin or Dark Knight.

Humans also have access to the Final Hit and Arrow Revolver skills. Final Hit lets humans who are dual wielding two one-handed weapons to unleash a continuous attack. Arrow Revolver lets players fire five arrows in a row, instead of one, with a bow or crossbow.

Finally, as mentioned briefly earlier, humans can ally with the elves or giants. They will then receive discounts at the respective race’s town’s shops, be able to use special L-Rods that normally only giants or elves could use and be unable to enter the opposing race’s village without being attacked. Humans can also marry humans, elves or giants.

Humans can pretty much do anything. They’re a great backup character to have on an account, or maybe use as a primary character with an elf or giant to fight as for fun. You can play alone, or in groups, as a human. It’s the most well-rounded race in the game.

Mabinogi Elf


All Elves in Mabinogi begin in Filia, which is near the humongous Connous desert in Iria. They have quite a few customization options, but not nearly as many has humans. They are slightly shorter than humans, and run faster than both humans and giants. They all tend to have fair skin, and there is a henna option for the characters’ faces.

Elves are born archers. They are the only race in the game that shoot while moving, or perform a ranged attack while mounted on a pet. They also fire two arrows at once, without having to implement any special skill. Elves’ arrow bags also can hold 500 arrows instead of the standard 100.

This means that they really aren’t that skilled at hand-to-hand combat. They can only use single hand weapons, and can’t dual wield. The special hand-to-hand combat skills for elves load quickly and don’t use as much AP as they do for humans, but they also aren’t as effective as they are when humans or giants use them.

Since elves are about the same size as humans, they can wear much of the same clothing and armor. There is some elf-specific armor and clothing, but it isn’t an overwhelming amount.

They also are able to use some unique abilities. First, there’s the Hide ability. This makes them completely invisible to everyone – monsters, NPCs or players. The only way someone can see a hidden elf is if they are in the same party. There’s also a Falcon Elf transformation, similar to humans Paladin and Dark Knight transformations, that can be learned by undertaking a series of quests.

Elves and giants are at war, which means that elves can’t freely enter and leave the giant village Vales. This means no giant/elf marriages, and that elves can’t ride on a giant’s shoulders.

If you’re going to play as an elf, go with the best possible long-range weapon as one equipment set, and an adequate hand-to-hand normal or fast sword for the second equipment set. That way, if a monster survives an arrow attacks and comes to attack you, your elf can automatically switch to the substantial melee weapons.

Elves work great as explorers. Make one, buy it a horse or ostrich, equip it with a good bow and set out to explore Iria. You can have him or her perform attacks on the move, or equip an L-Rod for discovering hidden treasures.

They’re also very valuable party members for exploring dungeons. They work best as a healer/archer in these situations, backing up the main fighters with ranged attacks and healing spells.

Mabinogi Giant


Giants are the absolute largest race in Mabinogi. Their journeys begin in the snowy village of Vales, on the continent of Iria. Even though they’re large, they run slightly faster than humans do.

Their size does handicap them a bit. For example, one giant can ride a mountable animal at once, even if it could normally carry two humans or elves. A two person animal can carry one giant and one other race though.

Giants also have more limits when it comes to clothing. They aren’t able to equip many of the items humans and elves can.

When it comes to weapons, giants can use practically everything. The only exception are bows – instead giants wield javelins. Giants also can use two-handed human weapons as one-handed weapons, and even dual wield them. Giants also are the only ones who can use giant mallets, axes, swords and knuckles. If there’s nothing else around, giants can even use some trees as weapons.

There are two unique giant abilities. The first is Stomp, an attack which can damage and stun enemies. It can also create holes in the Reus River for ice fishing. Giants also have the Savage Beast transformation earned by going through a series of quests.

Giants are physical attackers. This means the Counterattack and Defense skills are much stronger for them than other races. They can also use Assault without a shielf equipped. There’s a bit of a downside to this – giants aren’t as adept at magic as the other races.

And finally, of course, giants can’t visit the elf village without being attacked and can’t marry elves.

Giants are great for beginners and solo players. They’re incredibly strong characters. They can even take down some monsters empty handed. In a party, they’re fantastic front-line attackers and tanks.

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