PSP system software update v5.50 offers free Playstation Store browsing

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sony pspIf you find it a hassle to have to log into Playstation’s Store just to see what is available, the latest PSP system software update v5.50 allows you to view the Playstation store – and information board – without being a registered user.

The system update was released April 21, 2009, so it is available for everyone with a PSP to download. With this update, you no longer need a PlayStation Network account to check out the store and are now free to do some window shopping without an account. You can also check out the latest games, trailers and demos, which are all available for download.

PSP users will also be able to view PlayStation Network’s Information Board on the PSP system’s XMB (XrossMediaBar) interface, which is a live news feed you can view on your PSP. You can view the feed as long as you are connected to WiFi. From this feed, you can get live updates on games and other products available from the PS store. You can access this news feed by clicking on the Information Board icon, located under the Playstation Network icon on the PSP’s home page.

The system update offers other features as well; such as an increase in the number of folder levels available for photo’s, music and video. Also, if you select Internet Search from the options menu for a game, you can now perform an internet search based on the name of that game. Now, less free space is needed to download a game onto your memory stick, and a download all option has been added when purchasing multiple games.

The complete list of updates according to Playstation’s website include:

  • Information Board has been added as a feature under PlayStation Network. The Information Board displays news about games and the latest information about PlayStation Store.
  • The number of folder levels that you can view under Photo, Music and Video has been increased.
  • If you select Internet Search from the options menu for a game, you can now perform an Internet search based on the name of that game.
  • Trend Micro for PSP has been added as an option in the Internet browser.
  • You can now access PlayStation Store even if you do not have a PlayStation Network account.
  • An option to sign-in automatically is now available for PlayStation Store. Set Sign In Automatically (Auto Sign-In) on the PlayStation Store sign-in screen.
  • Download All has been added as an option for use when multiple items are purchased from PlayStation Store.
  • Less free space is now required on Memory Stick Duo media when downloading games from PlayStation Store. Previously, it was necessary to have free space on the Memory Stick Duo equal to twice the size of the game to be downloaded. With system software version 5.50, you can now download games from PlayStation Store to Memory Stick Duo media if there is free space equal to the size of the content to be downloaded.

It didn’t say whether or not you will need an account to actually purchase a game (which I assume you would) but at least now you can browse without any commitments.

This system update should allow PSP users to have more access to the games they love, with fewer hassles. Also more access to information about the games they love. Now if only Xbox would take a cue from them.

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  • adrian

    yeah i kno that but how do u update ur system software


    also blocks chickHEN see sony diden't mention this "little feature"

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  • temi

    i actually i own a psp and need to know how to get latest updates

  • Jessica Moen

    honestly i don't know, i don't own a PSP, but i assume you download update the same place you download anything, and install it on your system.

    Check out the website it should say.

  • Jessica Moen

    gee waseem you happy about something?

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