Exclusive Videos: Supreme Soul performing at Street Fighter IV National Tournament

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While the obvious stars of the Gamestop Street Fighter IV national tournament were the 16 finalists, there was yet another group of individuals who deserved a nod – Supreme Soul. Supreme Soul is a dance crew which gained fame by competing against others in the MTV show called America’s Best Dance Crew. Gamestop decided to invite these talented young persons to the event and add them to the evening’s curriculum.

In the following video, Supreme Soul introduces two of their new members who both happen to be female. They introduced themselves in the best way that they knew how – solo performances:

Supreme Soul as a group are shown in this video performing an impressive choreography focusing on body fluidity and getting downright jiggy with the music:

For more information about Gamestop’s Street Fighter IV national tournament, read Gamertell’s exclusive coverage of the event here.

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