8-Bit Art: Link made with Ikea beads

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legend of zelda link sprite avatar 8-bit art perler ikea pyssla beadsFor my latest melted beads project I decided to remain old school, this time with Link from The Legend of Zelda (NES).

I found a lot of sprite designs online for this one but none were lage enough to maximize the 29×29 pixel grid. Again I used PCStitch to convert images I had found before picking the right one and editing it to make the desired design using the Pyssla beads 10-color pallet.

Since the 29×29 grid is a little larger than most of the existing sprites it allowed me to take a little liberty in adding some squares to make areas slightly more diagonal in appearance. You can see it best in the top of the hat, the diagonal line on his chest and his chin. That also left me a little room to keep the shield out of his mouth.

Like the other two designs, this took less than an hour from start to finish and I’m still working from the same bucket of Ikea’s Pyssla beads. After seeing a bucket that contains 5500 Perler beads I estimate the Ikea bucket to contain approximately 8,000 beads. They are a slightly smaller size – width and height – than Perlers.With each project using less than the 841 points, that’s a lotta sprites.

Here’s the pattern I created in PCStitch and the reference image:

legend of zelda link sprite avatar 8-bit art perler ikea pyssla beads pattern

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