A quick look at Dungeon Fighter Online, Nexon’s next free-to-play online game

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Nexon Dungeon Fighter OnlineNexon’s preparing Dungeon Fighter Online, another free-to-play online game, for North America. Like many of Nexon’s games, Dungeon Fighter Online is a localization of a Korean game from Neople called Dungeon & Fighter. It also is quite popular in Japan, where it is known as Arad Senki and has inspired an anime series.

Dungeon Fighter Online is similar to MapleStory, Nexon’s most famous MMO game. Players pick a character from one of the five character classes, slayer, fighter, gunner, mage or priest, and then go around beating up enemies. As they do, the character classes will evolve into different, stronger versions.

It’s also an online game that can be enjoyed alone, or with other people. Alone, you can journey through all of the dungeons to grow stronger and defeat endless challenges. If you feel like being social, you can journey through dungeons with other players or take part in battles against one another.

Like all Nexon games, there will be a cash shop element to the game. IGN confirms that there will be extra equipment and items that can be purchased to customize the character or make journeying through the dungeons easier.

I’m interested simply because it reminds me a bit of Odin Sphere or Princess Crown in terms of gameplay. Players can outfit characters in towns before hitting dungeons, and then go forth to beat up anything in their way. I can’t wait until Nexon announces the beta phase for this one!

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