Bullet Point Preview: Star Trek (the movie)

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star trek 2009 movie posterJust got back from an advance screening of the simply titled Star Trek film and while I cannot yet post a full review, I can let you in on a bullet point list of some of what you can expect (with minimal spoilers).

Here goes:

  • At least one planet is destroyed in the story.
  • Spock gets into at least two fights.
  • So does Kirk.
  • Uhura smootches a senior crew member. And means it.
  • Number of scantily-clad green girls: 1
  • Number of awkwardly ingested slug-like creatures: 1
  • Number of shout outs: 1
  • Number of Bones-erisms: Countless
  • There is an element of time travel.
  • At least one red shirt bites it (BTW: Have you read the most recent issue of Geek Monthly Magazine? There’s a great article about this very subject).
  • Stafleet regulations? We don’t need no stinkin’ regulations.
  • Wait, who’s in command here?
  • Warp speed? More like a super fast slip stream.
  • Are those bugs in the transporters?
  • A crew member may or may not meet himself. No goatees involved.
  • Holy Russian accent.
  • Holy lens glares.
  • Fencing? Oh, “fencing!”
  • Uber short skirts. Everywhere. All the time.

And now for a bit of “Spot The…” This movie has many super subtle and less-than subtle references to elements of the Star Trek franchise as well as other films. So, for those who like to play along (and I certainly forgot many already since I’ve only seen the film once) see if you can:

  • Spot the Logan’s Run moment.
  • Spot the Darth Vader sound effect.
  • Spot the Star Wars set element(s).
  • Spot the Yoda fight move.
  • Spot the alcohol product placement.
  • Spot the nods to specific Star Trek (the original series) episodes. Multiple answers acceptable.
  • Spot the nods to specific Star Trek movies. Multiple answers acceptable.
  • Spot the Star Trek franchise-alikes (or crewmember couldbes).
  • Spot the a-little-too-close-to-a Matrix character’s name.
  • Spot the nod to Jaws (or Airplane, or Batman or…)
  • Spot the revamped Star Trek cliche (pick your favorite but mine involves the aforementioned “shout out”).
  • Spot the not-so-hidden – and rather appropriate – Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy nod.
  • Spot the ironic Star Trek movie moment involving Scotty.
  • Spot the lines from other Star Trek movies. Multiple answers acceptable.

Please, add your own below. There are so, so many things to spot.

Look for a full review in the next few days.

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