Live Blog: Microsoft’s E3 2009 press conference

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microsoft logo E3 2009 is less than a day away and Gamertell is going to live blog all the exciting news that will come out of Microsoft’s press conference.

The press conference will begin at 10:25 a.m. Pacific Time (12:25 p.m. Central Time or 1:25 p.m. Eastern Time) on Monday June 1, 2009. We’ll be providing you with all the announcements as they happen. (Note that the start time was moved from 10:30 to 10:25 a.m. to accommodate “a very special last-minute surprise.”)

Microsoft has done a good job keeping most of its major announcements a secret so far which means we can expect anything to happen.

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Live blog entries will update every 20 seconds.
at 7:20 PJ Hruschak said:
Check out the wrapup post on Gamertell as well as posts about each big announcement.
at 7:19 Jeremy Hill said:
And that's wrap folks. That was a ton of great announcements from Microsoft.
at 7:17 Jeremy Hill said:
Natal is being shown behind closed doors at E3 to prove it really works. "This is a landmark in computer entertainment." -Molineux
at 7:17 PJ Hruschak said:
Molineux - "This is true technology that science fiction has not even written about. And this works. Today. Now."
at 7:16 Jeremy Hill said:
Clair (the lady in the demo) drew on a picture, showed it to Natal and Milo recognized and reacted to it.
at 7:15 PJ Hruschak said:
Peter Molineux - "Surely, we've been making interactive games for 20 year haven't we? Well, 30 years. Well, no, I don't think we have. Because that thing in our hands, that thing that's evolved in our hands and got more and more complex and more and more buttons is actually our biggest barrier to what we want to create. 'Cause what we want to create is a connection to our worlds. And that's what I believe Natal does."
at 7:15 Jeremy Hill said:
It's hard to tell if the character responds to everything you say or if this is all set up ahead of time. Milo is the name of the virtual character.
at 7:14 Jeremy Hill said:
Lionhead developed a program where you can talk to a virtual character. They show very subtle emotion. Who needs real people anymore?
at 7:13 Jeremy Hill said:
Project Natal is being sent to developers right now. Peter Molyneux is on stage. Lionhead has had Natal for a few months now.
at 7:10 Jeremy Hill said:
People can pose as objects and snapshots can be taken of them.
at 7:10 PJ Hruschak said:
I wonder what happens if someone walks in front of you or, say, a dog or cat happens to wander between you and the sensor bar?
at 7:09 Jeremy Hill said:
Defiantly Paint Party the kids can enjoy.
at 7:08 Jeremy Hill said:
You say a paint color and throw buckets of paint on a canvas. It doesn't look like you can control the subtleties of painting though.
at 7:07 Jeremy Hill said:
The lady demonstrating the game looks quite winded. Maybe it could keep you in shape. Paint Party is a 3D art demo where you use your voice and body.
at 7:06 Jeremy Hill said:
It's like Microsoft's answer to Wii Fit. "This isn't a game where you wind up on the sofa using preset waggle commands." - Tsundoa
at 7:06 PJ Hruschak said:
I forsee Dodgeball in Xbox Live's future.
at 7:05 Jeremy Hill said:
You swipe your hands to move the menus on the dashboard. Ricochet is a game where your body controls a ball that breaks blocks. You can move freely in a 3D space.
at 7:05 PJ Hruschak said:
Tsunoda's avatar has pigtails. Shoes the bottom of the avatar's shoe as if it is a breakthrough. Browsing the Dashboard with his avatar.Seems like there is a slight lag between real and avatar motion but that might be the cabling system for the stage.
at 7:04 Jeremy Hill said:
Tsunoda is demonstrating the dashboard using Natal. It immediately recognizes your face and signs you into Xbox Live. Your avatar will mimic your movements.
at 7:03 Jeremy Hill said:
Kuto Tsunoda is on stage. The creative director of Project Natal.
at 7:02 PJ Hruschak said:
Spielberg - Talks about the Natal experience - "The goal is to make the technology invisible" and bring more people into gaming (so they don't know they are gaming?) Talked about the evolution of movie screens a little. "It's not about reinventing the wheel, it's about no wheel at all."
at 7:01 Jeremy Hill said:
Steven Spielberg is showing his support for Project Natal. "The mass majority of people are too intimidated to pick up a controller. Over 60% of households do not own a videogame console." -Spielberg
at 6:59 PJ Hruschak said:
Brief look at the sensor bar in the video shows the Xbox 360 logo, three circles. One is a green light and I'm guessing the other two are cameras.
at 6:59 Jeremy Hill said:
Project Natal is the name of the project. "This is controller free games in entertainment." -Mattrick. It will ship with new Xbox consoles and work on current consoles. It sounds like this is Microsofts way of not making another console.
at 6:58 PJ Hruschak said:
Does anyone remember the Xavix system? How about the Eye Toy? They have yet to show the actual input device but it's certainly a camera of some sort, maybe included in a bar like the Wii's sensor bar (with miophone). Price point guess anyone?
at 6:57 Jeremy Hill said:
For the family, a game show is being shown. You can play movies by selecting them with your hand and saying "play movie"
at 6:57 Jeremy Hill said:
You can also scan your own gear such as a skateboard. Apparently it recognizes word phrases too. It contains face recognition too. You can scroll through items and share them with friends. It's like video phone!
at 6:56 PJ Hruschak said:
"The controller is a barrier that separates video game players from everyone else... Can we make you the controller? We can." "No controller required" looks like a slogan.
at 6:55 Jeremy Hill said:
You are the controller. A video is showing people drive, fight and change tires with no controller in hand. You can use your whole body.
at 6:54 PJ Hruschak said:
Mattrick - "Here at E3 we get the opportunity to dream the next dream, to create new experiences that will drive the next wave of growth and creativity for Xbox and our industry."
at 6:54 Jeremy Hill said:
"Can we make you the controller? We can- Mattrick"
at 6:54 Jeremy Hill said:
"People ask me, can we add a motion controller. I tell them of course we can." - Mattrick
at 6:53 PJ Hruschak said:
Slogan sounds like it'll be "Raiden is back." - Now the "platform is complete" referring to the Xbox 360 offerings.
at 6:52 Jeremy Hill said:
*Metal Gear Solid Rising*
at 6:52 Jeremy Hill said:
The mystery is about to be solved. There's no Solid Snake. Lightning Bolt Action is the tagline. It stars Raiden.
at 6:51 PJ Hruschak said:
"What's the one blockbuster franchise that every 360 owner has always wanted to play?" - brought several moments of silence from the audience, then some giggles and mummers.
at 6:51 Jeremy Hill said:
Looks like there's a Metal Gear Xbox game. "It feels great to be finally standing here on the Xbox stage"- Kojima. The next major release is called Metal Gear Rising.
at 6:50 Jeremy Hill said:
Don Mattrick is walking onto the stage now. He's says their missing one crucial piece of the puzzle. Hideo Kojima is now on stage.
at 6:49 PJ Hruschak said:
Wrapup speech coming, SVP, Don Mattrick on stage.
at 6:49 Jeremy Hill said:
Felicia seemed nervous but in a charming kind of way.
at 6:48 Jeremy Hill said:
Xbox Live is teaming with Twitter as well. You can post to Twitter from the Xbox 360. Everything is updated instantly. These apps will be coming to Xbox Live this Fall.
at 6:48 PJ Hruschak said:
Xbox Live version of Facebook appears to be far more robust than even the iPhone Facebook app.
at 6:47 Jeremy Hill said:
Facebook Connect is new. You can now capture screenshots and texts to your Facebook profile starting with Tiger Woods PGA Tour.
at 6:47 Jeremy Hill said:
The Facebook layout is just like the blades on the NXE. You can add friends right on the Xbox 360. You can also view you and your friends photos on Xbox 360. Status updates can be shown too.
at 6:46 PJ Hruschak said:
Day - Heads to Xbox Live to see Facebook and Xbox Live friends together. Can cross invite and look at Facebook photos from Xbox .
at 6:45 Jeremy Hill said:
"I've been a gamer for years and social networking has taken over my life" -Day
at 6:45 Jeremy Hill said:
Microsoft is teaming with Facebook. You can look at Facebook on the Xbox 360. Felicia Day star of The Guild is on stage.
at 6:44 PJ Hruschak said:
Zune Video - Reluanch of the video service. TV and movies - "No discs, no downloads, no delays." Wordwide launch Fall 2009.
at 6:44 Jeremy Hill said:
Instant On 1080p HD is launching in the Fall. You can enjoy music, movies and TV with your friends online. Your avatars will sit around at watch the big screen.
at 6:43 Jeremy Hill said:
The Xbox video service is changing to the Zune video service with 1080p HD. Every show and movie can be played instantly. It's called Instant On.
at 6:41 PJ Hruschak said:
Some stats - More than 30 million active listeners in 200 countries - LastFM "is tailor made for the living room with with instant access to millions of songs coming through the best speakers in your home"
at 6:41 Jeremy Hill said:
You won't have to cue up movies on your PC to watch Netflix on Xbox Live.
at 6:40 Jeremy Hill said:
You get access from the best songs that can be played through home speakers. Gold members will get this service this year for no additional charge.
at 6:40 Jeremy Hill said:
Xbox Live is getting music from
at 6:39 Jeremy Hill said:
He needs manuscript pages to find his wife Alice. He's on a crashing gondola. Enemies are trying to get through the door to Alan. They have a big tractor like vehicle. Alan Wake is coming out Spring 2010.
at 6:37 Jeremy Hill said:
something supernatural is coming towards alan. they explode when killed. the game slows down to show alan about to get hit. now there's a lot of enemies and alan must run. he's cranking up an engine
at 6:36 Jeremy Hill said:
alan is narrating whats going on around him. he is carrying a flashlight and a pistol. it's dark and there's evergreen trees everywhere.
at 6:35 PJ Hruschak said:
Sam Lake - Alan Wake? Hmmm.
at 6:34 Jeremy Hill said:
alan wake is being shown now. alan is looking for his wife. this is an in game demo.
at 6:33 Jeremy Hill said:
sam lake is on stage. and halo reach is coming out in 2010, but maybe not the Fall
at 6:32 Jeremy Hill said:
when you buy odst you'll get a beta invite to halo reach multiplayer
at 6:32 Jeremy Hill said:
a new bungie project is being shown. the earth from space is being shown. explosions are happening around the world. halo reach is the name of the game in fall 2010 it will be released
at 6:30 Jeremy Hill said:
staten is now fighting with a group of soldiers. there's lots of instructional talking from your comrades. he also has pretty strong rocket type gun. firefight is a cooperative mode
at 6:30 PJ Hruschak said:
Games sounds more like a Call of Duty than Halo - you swap between several characters for the story instead of just two. (Maybe that means they'll have a better story than previous Halo games?) But, they need to get to the multiplayer mode and online soon since that is the true meat of Halo.
at 6:29 Jeremy Hill said:
you'll flashback to other ODST's experiences in the game. you'll find out what happens to them as the game goes on.
at 6:28 Jeremy Hill said:
you know have sound supressed weapons and a night vision mode from your visor. you also get a new pistol.
at 6:27 PJ Hruschak said:
Big crash,Staten - "Welcome to the city of new Membosa - weeks before the start of Halo 3. You are a rookie orbital drop shock trooper separated from his team... stay alert for unexpected help." New visor weapon, low light vision mode.
at 6:27 Jeremy Hill said:
it takes place weeks before halo 3. you are the rookie who separated from the team. it looks like halo with a brownish hud instead of blue
at 6:26 Jeremy Hill said:
he's getting ready to drop from the sky in a pod. the soldiers are exchanging banter.
at 6:26 PJ Hruschak said:
Staten - "OK, are you ready everybody? Buckle up and prepare to drop"
at 6:25 Jeremy Hill said:
joe staten is on stage now. he's showing halo 3 odst
at 6:25 PJ Hruschak said:
"Largest roster of hottest cars, most thrilling and approachable game play. It's the definitive racing game and it ships this October."
at 6:24 Jeremy Hill said:
yes u can see drivers in the cars. there's now a video showing some of the cars that have been custom made in the game. they're riding though a european environment
at 6:23 PJ Hruschak said:
Greenwell also called it Forza Motorsport 3 the "Definitive racing game for this generation” - must be the PR slogan. Video shows development team who worked on the game talking about making the game realistic and "beautiful." Will include new community features - inc. uploading hidef video.
at 6:22 Jeremy Hill said:
now there's a video of different people showing off the customization options in forza 3. over 1 million cars were traded in Forza.
at 6:21 Jeremy Hill said:
it runs at 60fps. over 400 cars for 50 manufactures. you can do one button driving
at 6:21 PJ Hruschak said:
Dan Greenwell on stage from Turn10.
at 6:20 Jeremy Hill said:
live gameplay has started for forza motorsport 3. the driver is in cockpit view. there was some crashes
at 6:19 PJ Hruschak said:
Sporza Motorsport 3 - Shipping October 2009 - Tent called it "Definitive racing game for this generation"
at 6:18 Jeremy Hill said:
next up is a racing game. Turn Tent is showing forza motorsport 3
at 6:17 Jeremy Hill said:
it's coming out this fall exclusively for the xbox 360
at 6:17 Jeremy Hill said:
there's no health bar. the screen gets redder as you take damage. sam can interrogate people. he just got arrested by the police
at 6:16 Jeremy Hill said:
your objectives are written in huge font along the walls as a reminder. might be sam's psyche taking over
at 6:15 Jeremy Hill said:
the environments are all sandboxes with multiple ways to kill enemies. the shadows will help sam get the drop on enemies
at 6:14 Jeremy Hill said:
everything in the game happens in real time. sam is going jack bauer on us. he can now mark and execute enemies
at 6:13 PJ Hruschak said:
Max Fallon and Alex Perizo(?) on stage.
at 6:13 Jeremy Hill said:
sam has the guy he ran over his daughter by the throat. he's telling sam everything he wants to know
at 6:13 Jeremy Hill said:
a demo for splinter cell conviction is being played now. sam wants to know who killed his daughter. he's beating a guy for answers
at 6:12 Jeremy Hill said:
splinter cell conviction takes place in washington d.c.
at 6:11 Jeremy Hill said:
splinter cell conviction is up now. sam fisher has short hair now. the sam fisher we know is dead. he doesn't play by the rules
at 6:10 PJ Hruschak said:
Crackdown 2 - The trailer looked great. Left 4 Dead 2 - Trailer with toxic zombies being shot in the head, maybe some nice multiplayer action but hard to tell from just the trailer.
at 6:10 Jeremy Hill said:
next game has zombies in it. "if we run out of bullets, they're gonna wish we had" left for dead 2 releases november 17
at 6:10 PJ Hruschak said:
Crackdown 2 - The trailer looked great. Followed by toxic zombies being shot in the head.
at 6:09 PJ Hruschak said:
Crackdown 2 - The trailer looked great. Followed by toxic zombies being shot in the head.
at 6:09 Jeremy Hill said:
its crackdown 2!
at 6:08 Jeremy Hill said:
the next game has a character who is the cure to an infection. he has guns naturally.
at 6:08 Jeremy Hill said:
correction. joy ride releases in the winter
at 6:07 Jeremy Hill said:
it'll be free to download and play. u can buy new cars and share purchased tracks with friends. it comes out in the summer.
at 6:07 PJ Hruschak said:
Joy Ride - looks like a silly minicart game. "A new social experience" - and FREE.
at 6:06 Jeremy Hill said:
you can use your avatars in joy ride. you get a car and drive around the desert on ramps and tracks
at 6:06 Jeremy Hill said:
shadow complex is coming out for xbla in the summer. it will also be on the show floor to play. next title is called joy ride
at 6:05 Jeremy Hill said:
there's over 120 secret items and the game is over 10 hours long. there are big mechs and varied environments like factories and the forest.
at 6:05 PJ Hruschak said:
Donald Mustard (having mic issues) and Cliff Bleszinski - now both playing game live.
at 6:04 Jeremy Hill said:
it's a side scrolling shooter . think bionic commando:rearmed. the maps of the game are really big.
at 6:03 Jeremy Hill said:
it's an xbox live title from epic. there's some mic problems. but shadow complex is the name of the game
at 6:03 PJ Hruschak said:
Everything from now on at the conference are Xbox 360 exclusives. Epics reps on stage.
at 6:03 Jeremy Hill said:
everything from this point on is exclusive to xbox 360. the first exclusive is from epic.
at 6:02 PJ Hruschak said:
Live game play on stage but only a couple minutes long - still looks amazing. Spring 2010 release.
at 6:01 Jeremy Hill said:
odin fights alongside you. it was a brief showing but looked cool
at 6:01 Jeremy Hill said:
one difference is four active time gauges. the more you have the more powerful your attacks will be. they are summoning Odin for the first time
at 6:00 PJ Hruschak said:
(Yoshinori Kitase  and Motomu Toriyama from Square Enix)
at 6:00 Jeremy Hill said:
everything appears to be in english. lightning and suds are fighting a giant flying mech
at 5:59 Jeremy Hill said:
final fantasy is the talk of the stage right now. the worlds first looks at FFXIII is about to be shown on Xbox 360
at 5:58 PJ Hruschak said:
FFXII developer and director on stage.
at 5:57 Jeremy Hill said:
the first 2 modern warfare map packs will be released first on xbox live
at 5:57 Jeremy Hill said:
now he's in control of the snowmobile. he's shooting with one hand. trees are falling. and that's the end of the gameplay
at 5:56 Jeremy Hill said:
you aren't alone. u have a teammate controlled by the computer
at 5:55 Jeremy Hill said:
guys are on snowmobiles and on foot
at 5:54 Jeremy Hill said:
a big firefight has broken out
at 5:54 Jeremy Hill said:
"things do not always go as planned"
at 5:54 PJ Hruschak said:
A lot of audio feedback/guidance.
at 5:54 Jeremy Hill said:
they are on an airstrip of some kind
at 5:53 Jeremy Hill said:
the blowing snow makes it a stealth mission
at 5:53 PJ Hruschak said:
Looks good but a bit dull/slow at this point. Now they get to the shooting and it's more interesting.
at 5:53 Jeremy Hill said:
or a radar rather
at 5:53 Jeremy Hill said:
gun has gps on it
at 5:52 Jeremy Hill said:
it's like the sniper stage in modern warfare
at 5:52 PJ Hruschak said:
a first-person view of climbing a mountain/cliff
at 5:51 Jeremy Hill said:
guy is climbing a mountain. it looks great. and music is great too
at 5:50 PJ Hruschak said:
Vince Zampella - they are playing the game live on stage, keeping up with the promise to show more than tell.
at 5:50 Jeremy Hill said:
it's in a snowy stage
at 5:50 Jeremy Hill said:
they're playing modern warfare 2 on stage
at 5:50 PJ Hruschak said:
Jason West and Vince on stage.
at 5:49 Jeremy Hill said:
even though its not new the audience still needs a change of pants
at 5:49 PJ Hruschak said:
Trailer looks good, though - sounds like real actors doing voice work. Very realistic people and fire/explosions.
at 5:48 Jeremy Hill said:
we saw this trailer. don't worry it's not new
at 5:48 Jeremy Hill said:
modern warfare 2 trailer is playing now
at 5:47 Jeremy Hill said:
the game is on the show floor. go play if u can!
at 5:47 PJ Hruschak said:
Game guides you around obstacles - Tony tilts side to side on it. They show the deck with a black top on it - going to guess you can get custom skins. They are on display at the Expo.
at 5:47 Jeremy Hill said:
score 2 for microsoft
at 5:47 Jeremy Hill said:
it has a bunch of difficulty levels
at 5:46 PJ Hruschak said:
"Resembles a blank board deck." - Hawk
at 5:46 PJ Hruschak said:
Shipping later 2009. Trailer includes skaters talking about the game - includes live footage of skaters on the board controller and bragging about it.
at 5:45 Jeremy Hill said:
pro skaters are talking about why they love skating so much in the video
at 5:45 PJ Hruschak said:
Shipping later 2009.
at 5:45 Jeremy Hill said:
world exclusive trailer is coming up
at 5:45 PJ Hruschak said:
He looks funny holding such a small board.
at 5:44 PJ Hruschak said:
Nice board controller "Whole thing responds like a real skateboard"
at 5:44 Jeremy Hill said:
it has infra red and accelerometers
at 5:44 PJ Hruschak said:
"new ways to connect with your friends" and "revolutionary experiences for everyone"
at 5:43 Jeremy Hill said:
he has the board from tony hawk ride
at 5:43 Jeremy Hill said:
here comes tony hawk
at 5:43 PJ Hruschak said:
They are going to "deliver more" - promise no sales figures (get applause) and 10 world premiere games
at 5:43 Jeremy Hill said:
and new ways to connect with friends
at 5:43 PJ Hruschak said:
He welcomes everyone to E3. "Now, more than ever before, people want to have fun. hey want to play games, enjoy their favorite TV shows, movies, music all in the comfort of their living room"
at 5:43 Jeremy Hill said:
no sales charts! just 10 world premier games
at 5:42 PJ Hruschak said:
John Sheppard takes the stage - excited about the game and helping Doctors Without Borders
at 5:41 Jeremy Hill said:
corporate vp for xbox is coming on stage
at 5:41 PJ Hruschak said:
Paul - "I never thought we'd end up as androids" "Thanks for having us on your game show."
at 5:41 Jeremy Hill said:
peace and love from ringo to us
at 5:40 PJ Hruschak said:
Now they are being punny. Ringo - minimal speaking on stage. "Game is good, Graphics are good and we were great"
at 5:40 Jeremy Hill said:
i think ringo's been drinking
at 5:40 PJ Hruschak said:
I wonder is there was any backstage slapping with Yoko?
at 5:40 PJ Hruschak said:
Paul and Ringo on stage - pretty cool
at 5:39 Jeremy Hill said:
paul mccartny and ringo star! wow!
at 5:39 PJ Hruschak said:
BTW: On stage earlier were Alex Riviello and Van Toffler
at 5:39 PJ Hruschak said:
Oh no, Yoko Ono on stage?
at 5:39 Jeremy Hill said:
yoko ono lennon and olivia harrison is on stage. wives of rock legends
at 5:38 Jeremy Hill said:
danny harrison is on stage
at 5:38 PJ Hruschak said:
Purchases give a portion to Doctors Without Borders - nice
at 5:37 Jeremy Hill said:
full album downloads kick off with abby road right after launch. all u need is love will be exclusive to xbox live
at 5:37 Jeremy Hill said:
september 9th 2009 is the release date
at 5:36 Jeremy Hill said:
get back
at 5:36 Jeremy Hill said:
here comes the sun
at 5:36 Jeremy Hill said:
octopus's garden
at 5:36 Jeremy Hill said:
back in the u.s.s.r.
at 5:36 Jeremy Hill said:
i am the walrus
at 5:35 Jeremy Hill said:
day tripper of course and taxman
at 5:35 Jeremy Hill said:
i feel fine is one of them
at 5:35 PJ Hruschak said:
(Giles Martin on stage)
at 5:35 Jeremy Hill said:
now the first trailer is up
at 5:35 PJ Hruschak said:
I saw 3 mics being used in the song along with guitar, bass and drums
at 5:34 Jeremy Hill said:
10 songs are being announced
at 5:33 PJ Hruschak said:
How many mics did they have set up?
at 5:33 Jeremy Hill said:
the instruments look great though
at 5:33 PJ Hruschak said:
Haha - Makes me think of the line from Men In Black - "I have to get the White album again." Kids around the world playing the Beatles makes me laugh.
at 5:32 PJ Hruschak said:
Song is "Day Tripper"
at 5:32 Jeremy Hill said:
because the kids love The Beatles
at 5:32 PJ Hruschak said:
OK, there's a band backing it so it actually sounds good. Alex is doing OK on "drums."
at 5:31 PJ Hruschak said:
And here is your lame VP Rock Band performance
at 5:31 PJ Hruschak said:
09/09/09 - game comes out along side of 13-CD anthology
at 5:30 PJ Hruschak said:
Talking a lot about Beatles, 45s, LPs and evolution of the band's innovations.
at 5:29 PJ Hruschak said:
Beatles: Rock Band trailer - Alex R. welcomed to stage (nice leather jacket)
at 5:29 PJ Hruschak said:
They definitely spent big cash on this video.
at 5:28 PJ Hruschak said:
Third Beatles song - Sgt. Peppers-ish (Here Comes the Sun)
at 5:27 PJ Hruschak said:
Animated Beatles intro a la 'Help"
at 5:26 PJ Hruschak said:
Announcer is welcoming people.
at 5:26 PJ Hruschak said:
I hope the extra 5 minutes is not for a lame air/Rock Band "performance"
at 5:25 Jeremy Hill said:
i feel a rock band presence
at 5:25 PJ Hruschak said:
and lots of floating circles (screen saver?)
at 5:24 PJ Hruschak said:
Green is keen - stage is very green thanks to large monitors.
at 5:21 PJ Hruschak said:
Couple more minutes.
at 5:09 PJ Hruschak said:
haha - sadly enough, that would not be a huge surprise.
at 5:08 Jeremy Hill said:
Let's just hope it's not an announcement promising an upcoming announcement.
at 5:06 PJ Hruschak said:
PR move galore - shouldn't everything at an E3 press conference be a "special announcement?"
at 5:05 PJ Hruschak said:
Getting ready for the press conference. Note that the time change five minutes early for a "special announcement."
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