Gamertell Exclusive: Interview with Timothy Porter of TNT Games

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TNT gaming to bring new titles to all consoles in futureTNT Games, an independent video game developer formed a little longer than a year ago. Made up of Dungeon’s and Dragons fans, this small company has already released its first title, Trinity Wars Prologue: Spine of the World, for the XBox 360 and is now working on its next title in the Trinity Wars series with hopes of releasing it for all consoles.

I had a chance to chat with Timothy Porter, Lead Environment/Prop Artist at TNT Gaming, about Trinity Wars, the upcoming title still in development and how the company began.

“[The company started] with a group a child-hood friends with a dream and expanded into a company of 7 specialists,” said Porter. “TNT Gaming is a rag tag group of people who like to play and make games. [Dungeon’s and Dragons] started their interest in RPGs and in-depth story line games.”

The idea for the game came from Travon Santerre and the rest of the founders who had hundreds of stories stemming from a “Spine of the Earth” concept for for all the games to follow.

“This is perfect because we are hoping to produce this mini series for some time to come and since they are fairly short games we can continue to produce them in about 6 months or so like the first game,” Porter explained.

Soon, the company started to grow with talented members were being added to the team.

“We all do the game creation on the side while still working at our day jobs and all hope that eventually we can do this full time. We have a musical genius doing our sound with a full orchestra, singers and the whole shebang and lots of great voice actors to help round out the team. There are two artists — an ex-midway character artist and an ex-mommy’s best games artist.”

Porter said that once the first game was released a healthy fan base began to develop.

Trinity Wars has a great following starting with our loyal followers from our first game to lovers of RPGs of any sort. I also believe that this new game will open more people’s eyes to the idea of an independent company that can produce a great game,” he said.

When asked what makes this game attractive to players, he answered, “While our last game was 2D side-scrolling [adventure] the new one is totally 3D using the XNA engine. Getting the XNA engine to work 3D with no hiccups is no easy feat, let me tell you. We have the government’s best working on our side, no pun intended. (And) while most of the community games are 2D we believe that the creation of a 3D game will draw a larger crowd.”

TNT Gaming is an indy company developing titles for consolesPorter said the company is currently working on getting certified to release their games on PS3, Wii and XBLA, which he admits is a hard long process involving lots of paperwork and crossed fingers bit said the Trinity Wars series is fully prepared using the XNA engine to be ported to any console so their fans can enjoy the games no matter what console they owned.

Although keeping up with all the assets in the game makes it hard, Porter said “there are so many parts and environments to Trinity Wars but that is what makes it such an great game. The game is amazing to play and the 3D dynamics are great. I was fully surprised to see the XNA engine performing so well. I remember my last title Weapon of Choice we used the XNA engine, but it felt like a toy. Some of the mods created to convert the engine to fully 3D have made it on par with many of the other 3D engines.”

At the end of the interview Porter said he’d like to challenge any Gamertell reader who owns an Xbox to try the game.

“Right now we are scheduled for a Fall ’09 release and will be definitely on the Xbox Community Games network (check out our web site at for updates),” he said. “So download it and at 400 points (5 dollars USD) you can’t lose. There is even a 5 minute trial for the game that lets you test it and try it before you buy it. So what are you waiting for? Go out and log on to our site, get our last game, and enjoy the amazing story line and support Indy gaming.”

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