Rumors: New Xbox 360 mentioned, then debunked by Microsoft

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Steve Ballmer

There will be a new Xbox 360 console on store shelves in 2010 with the possibility of the final version of Project Natal shipping with it in the box.

Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer spoke at the Executive’s Club of Chicago (June 18, 2009) about the importance of innovation in these economic climates when he mentioned Microsoft’s plan to release a new Xbox 360 console.

According to Ballmer, the new console will have a natural interface and will contain a built in camera as well as voice and movement recognition technology. This certainly sounds like Project Natal to us. He also described the technology as being “really, really close” to an actuality.

Ballmer’s comments don’t exactly fall in line with Microsoft’s Director of Project Management, Aaron Greenberg, when he confirmed that no new console would be necessary for Project Natal. Greenberg assumed Ballmer was referring to Project Natal during his presentation.

He said Microsoft is not making a new console and that Project Natal will work on all Xbox 360s.

Greenberg did acknowledge that Microsoft has looked into putting the Natal technology into a new Xbox 360 configuration but nothing is final.

Ballmer nor Greenberg specified when Project Natal will ship or how much it will cost.

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