Sony rejects PS3 firmware 3.0 rumors

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White PS3
Earlier today (June 26, 2009) VG247 posted a story regarding PS3 firmware update 3.0, stating that it would be released before Christmas and that the system will be getting a huge overhaul.

Among the features listed were a reputation system that would give players the ability to evaluate other players in games and a grief reporting system. The grief reporting system was said to allow screenshots to be taken of players displaying offensive activities and the option to report them to Sony.

Background downloads for game patches was also mentioned as an addition to the update. Instead of having to wait for a patch to download we would be able to continue playing the game until the patch completes.

The last feature was said to provide simultaneous HDMI and digital optical audio outputs for those who just can’t get enough of the audio side of things.

When asked about these features by IGN Sony responded in a less than positive way. The director of SCEA product publicity Jennifer Clark said these rumors are in no way true and are based on wild speculation.

Via [VG247] Via [IGN]

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  • william

    not to say it wouldnt be nice to have these features, i would hardly call it a "huge overhaul". the reputation system would be nice in a way, other than that, i could care less. a huge overhaul to me would be considered what crapbox 360 did with their whole avatar and navigational update, which hopefully sony will never do considering the xmb is good enough to navigate, we do not need cluttered menues with color schemes, and loss of easy access to places that are often selected.
    as long as sony keeps up with their updates i am happy, i could care less about what they add, sure new features are great, but i have a ps3 to play games with, as long as i can do that i am happy. the other stuff is just extra features that sony doesnt have to provide us with. i have heard alot of people complaining about this "supposed" update becuase it doesnt do much that "they" netflix for example, which sony has already said they dont want, which is still able to be done with Playon which i personally use and would advise anyone wanting netflix to do the same and quit complaining about it.
    personally if this is a real update or just a made up one, it doesnt really matter. just be happy you have a great system with great games that doesnt force out things like the ability to do netflix on…which they could easily do by removing the media server from the XMB, but they wont do it becuase freedom is part of a ps3. you are able to buy any hard drive that will fit into the system, use any mouse/keyboard, you dont pay for internet access and you have a webrowser and can download off the internet right to your ps3, i personally download mp3's, new themes and even movies right from my browser. all in all compared to other game systems the flexability and freedom you are allowed is higher and future update will just add more of a bonus to the already versatile system.
    the biggest update they should release is an emulator for backwards compatability, although i own a ps2 it would be nice to have one system that does everything. even if they chose not to make it backwards compatable again, i dont really care, with all the great games already out and ps1 games available for download like final fantasy 7, i am more than happy with what i have. all i am saying is, before you slam sony for "a lame update" or "no update" maybe you should appreciate what all the system already offers and the great games available.