Gamertell Review: Harcos’ Mana Energy Potion

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Harcos Mana Energy Potion

Product: Mana Energy Potion
Price: two for $6.90
Rating: Two thumbs sideways, 73/100, C, * * out of 5
Pros: 50mL of drink. Cute bottle. Portable. Contains Vitamin B1, B3, B6, B12 and C. Has a Enzyme Blend that includes Amylase, Lactase, Cellulase, Lipase and Protease. Initially is very sweet, but subsequent sips are mellow and have just a general citric fruit-esque flavor.
Cons: Like the Health Energy Potion, the protective plastic cover is in one piece so if you’re not careful, you can lose the intricate logo. Smells pungent. Has both an incredibly sweet taste and aftertaste reminiscent of an artificial sweetener and the sour taste of medicine. You’ll smell like the drink after you finish it. Looks like laundry detergent.
Overall: I preferred the Health Energy Potion, but the Mana Energy Potion did provide an energy boost, just like it promised.

Back in February, 2009, Gamertell had the opportunity to sample and test Harcos’ Health Energy Potion, an energy shot drink designed to appeal to gamers.

Today, Gamertell once again samples a Harcos product. This time I’m going to be taste testing and trying out the Mana Energy Potion, Harcos’ original energy shot. Like the Health Energy Potion, it’s a 50mL drink. You can find it alone in stores like Hot Topic, or online at the Harcos site or ThinkGeek.

Mana Energy Potion

The Look

The Mana Energy Potion looks a bit different in person than it does in that pretty promotional shot you see above. It seems to be an azure shade of blue. I’m thinking it’s because Harcos used some sort of backlighting, because I couldn’t recreate that shade when I was looking at it. In person, it has more of a cerulean or teal color to it. I think it would look more appetizing if it was the azure color.

Again, like the Health Energy Potion, the Mana Energy Potion bubbles when shaken. Little bubbles appear at the top, making it look soapy or like detergent. Unlike the Health Energy Potion, the Mana Energy Potion’s bubbles disappear within five minutes of being shaken.

When you remove the black, plastic cap, there’s a white protective seal to keep the drink from being tampered with. Always a nice feature. It is a bit difficult to get a hold on it and rip it off, since it’s so tiny.

The Taste

After I opened the Mana Energy Potion, I smelled the drink. It smelled incredibly strong and sweet, but it’s hard to pin down what exactly it smells like. I know this will sound weird, but I think I smelled something flowery. It’s as though there’s this initial strong scent, which smells somewhat spicy and perhaps a little fruity, that hits you right away. Then you smell the faint flowery-perfume scent.

I then took a tiny sip. I don’t know how it happened, but it tasted both incredibly sweet and bitter at the same time. It started out somewhat bitter, perhaps with an acidic taste, then followed with a saccharine sweet taste. It didn’t taste like a product flavored with real sugar. There was also a bit of an aftertaste left behind in the back of my throat. I felt as though I had taken some kind of tea, tossed in five packets of Sweet and Low or Splenda, then drank it.

As I took more substantial sips, I found that I didn’t notice the sweetness as much. I also noticed that there wasn’t really a defined flavor to the drink. If pressed, I’d say it tasted like a citrus fruit drink simply because of the acidic flavor. This was somewhat surprising, because I’d have thought a blue-green colored drink would have a blue raspberry taste to it. It tasted like I was drinking some sort of sweet, artificial drink as opposed to some sort of fruit drink.

Mana Energy Potion

The Effects

I woke up at 6:30am on the morning the day I drank the Mana Energy Potion. Usually I start yawning and feeling sleepy around 5pm. I drank the Mana Energy Potion at around 12pm, after I finished my lunch.

I didn’t start yawning until around 10pm. While the Health Energy Potion I sampled had kept me up until 1am, the Mana Energy Potion provided just enough energy to get me through the day but still allow me to fall asleep at my normal time of 11~11:30pm. I’m thinking it’s because this time I drank the energy drink at noon, as opposed to later in the evening.

There’s one other thing, which I almost was going to include in the taste section but decided would fit better here. The weird pungent/spicy/flowery scent of the Mana Energy Potion stuck with me. My breath ended up smelling exactly like the energy drink.

An interesting alternative to the Health Energy Potion

Depending on what you want in your energy drink, you’ll want either the Health or Mana Energy Potions. The Health Energy Potion seems to focus on both energy and the extra folic acid, biotin, ginseng and elderberry added in, while the Mana Energy Potion focuses on the energy and the dietary enzyme blend included in the drink. Both provided a substantial energy boost when needed, so I’d have to say a purchase would be dependent on what flavor a person prefers. I personally preferred the Health Energy Potion’s apple cinnamon flavor to the Mana Energy Potion’s undefined, possibly citrus blend. Plus the Health Energy Potion looked much more appetizing.

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  • Sythlia

    This stuff looks like it could rot teeth on impact. :)

  • Jenni Lada

    @ Jessi: We should drink them while wearing Snuggies! And looking at the Obama Chia pet.

    @Sythlia: Nope, no sugar in it. But it does taste abnormally sweet.

  • Jessica Moen

    I actually liked the Mana potion better! and i use "like" very loosely!

    Hey! We should drink them while wearing Snuggies!

  • Jessica Moen

    well there is no sugar! but it will probably rot your teeth for other reasons….