Sony Home Update: New spaces, new stores, more items galore

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Namco Bandai Museum now on homeThe PlayStation Home has been updated with three new spaces to new stores at the mall and more stuff than you can shake a stick at. And like a 3-year-old in the candy isle at WalMart, I’m hopped up on digital eye candy and screaming my head off for a bag of flavored treats!

New Spaces

Namco Bandai Game Space and Namco Game Theatre

There are three new spaces available on Home , each just as exciting as the next. The first space is the Namco Bandai Game Space. If you download the Namco Museum Essentials which is now available at the PlayStation Network Store for $9.99 and a demo for free, players can unlock virtual items for their personal spaces such as their own arcade, trophies and even clothing for their avatars for beating high scores or accomplishing certain tasks like collecting all the fruits from each level in Dig Dug. Downloading the game also allows players to launch into the game using the arcade center or the personal arcade in their spaces. Those who do not have the game downloaded can still enjoy mini-games all over the center such as the vending machine games where players can receive items such as soda cans with cute little anime pictures on them or clothing items like boots, shirt, skirt and a girl mask. What? The costume is cute, in a creepy animated way.

The vending machine game is roulette-style so the results are completely random. If you think that’s all there is, don’t forget to check out the money exchange machine for a free stack of game coins to toss on your table in your personal space. Want to see how compatible you are with your friends? Take a seat on the heart shaped love-seats to be ranked and get a free t-shirt. Walk down the hall and enter the Namco theater where you will find life-sized figures of a Tekken or Soul Calibur character standing guard over another set of vending machines and a race car from Namco’s Ridge Racer 7 game in the center. There are screens hanging above teasing the related games above the figures.

Buzz! HQ

After months of waiting to play Buzz! HQ only to have it removed for technical issues, the game space has returned. The game allows players to work together with others to answer the multiple choice questions. The space is huge! From the moment you enter the lobby to the moment you enter the studio to play the game. Up to 64 players can work together to answer the trivia questions fed directly to the space from Questions ranging from movie series to scientific brain busters to cartoon knowledge and musical tidbits. The winning group wins the prize item for their avatar or home space and are encouraged to create quizzes of their own by visiting and registering on if they like. Check out this video to see the space:

EA Sports Complex: Fight Night 4

The gloves are pulled on in this space with plenty to do. Just like Buzz! HQ, this space is huge to explore and two games players can enjoy from boxing with two Rock-em-Sock-em style robots in the center ring or try their hand at mixing the music at the turn tables. Check it out in this video clip:

Sony Home Mall

The mall has been completely renovated with new stores and items for purchase using your virtual PSN account. It’s like Christmas in July on Sony Home right now because there are also new virtual items available for every avatar. Check out the new look in this video:


The original threads now located on the first floor of the mall in the central plaza now have Namco Bandai and SOCOM gear available. Some items are for both male and female avatars and a few are gender specific items.

Namco items for both female and male avatars:

  • Flag Cap is free
  • Pac-Man collection t-shirt for 25 cents
  • Dig Dug Pooka t-shirt for 25 cents
  • Galaga bug t-shirt for 25 cents
  • Xevious Solvalou t-shirt for 25 cents
  • Mappy Jailtime Goro t-shirt for 25 cents
  • Libble Rabbler t-shirt for 25 cents
  • Pac-Man pin smock for 49 cents

Gender specific namco items:

  • Lucky Flag Cap for female for 25 cents
  • Special Flag Cap for male for 25 cents

SOCOM items (male only):

  • Top Rim glasses cost 49 cents
  • Tactical goggles cost 49 cents
  • Aviator glasses cost 49 cents
  • Urban Camouflage Boonie Hat for 49 cents
  • Wood Camouflage Boonie Hat for 49 cents
  • Urban Camouflage Combat Helmet for 49 cents
  • Wood Camouflage Combat Helmet for 49 cents
  • Urban Camouflage Shirt for 99 cents
  • Wood Camouflage Shirt for 99 cents
  • Urban Camouflage Bandolier shirt 99 cents
  • Wood Camouflage Bandolier shirt 99 cents
  • Desert Camouflage Bandolier shirt 99 cents
  • Wood Camouflage pants 99 cents
  • Desert Camouflage pants 99 cents

Threads 2

Located on the second floor of the mall just up the stairs have new animated t-shirts that flash and light up and a few fun items.

Items for both male and female avatars:

  • Skull Bullet Bundle shirts cost $1.99
  • Individual skull bullet shirts:

  • Blue Skull Bullet t-shirt for 49 cents
  • Green Skull Bullet shirt for 49 cents
  • Red Skull Bullet t-shirt for 49 cents
  • Orange Skull Bullet t-shirt for 49 cents
  • White Skull Bullet t-shirt for 49 cents
  • Animated Shirt Bundle cost $1.99
  • Individual animated shirts:

  • 4th of July t-shirt cost 49 cents
  • Flashing battery icon t-shirt for 49 cents
  • Pulsing headphones t-shirt for 49 cents
  • Beating heart t-shirt for 49 cents
  • Equalizer t-shirt for 49 cents

Items for male only avatars:

  • T-Rex Head for 49 cents
  • Thai Boxing Wraps for 49 cents
  • Chainmail Shirt for 99 cents
  • Police Shirt for 99 cents

Items for female only avatars:

  • Venitian Carnvial Mask for 49 cents
  • Fruit Hat cost 49 cents

Costume Shop

A brand new costume store located on the second floor have items for all those who like to dress up their avatars as their favorite game character or just for fun.
Costumes for both male and female avatars:

  • Luchadora Bundle cost $1.99
  • Individual Items:

  • Mask, Top, Skirt (female), Bottoms (male), gloves and boots are 49 cents each.
  • Medieval Armor Bundle cost $1.99
  • Individual items:

  • Helmet, Gauntlet and Sabatons cost 49 cents each
  • Armor top, Armor bottoms (female), Grievers (male) are 99 cents each

Killzone Helghast Soldier costume:

  • Gloves and Boots cost 49 cents
  • Helmet, Flack Jacket and Trousers cost 99 cents

Gender specific costumes for male avatars:

  • Spartan Bundle cost $1.99
  • Individual items:

  • Helmet and boots cost 49 cents each
  • Armor top and bottom cost 99 cents each
  • Samurai Bundle cost $1.99
  • Individual items:

  • Helmet and Gauntlet cost 49 cents each
  • Top Armor, Leg Armor and Shoes cost 99 cents each
  • Cardboard Robot bundle cost $2.99
  • Individual items:

  • Robot legs cost 49 cents
  • Robot head, torso, claws and feet cost 99 cents each

Gender specific costumes for female avatars:

  • Geisha Bundle cost $1.49
  • Individual items:

  • Geisha wig cost 49 cents
  • Komono top, bottom, and shoes cost 99 cents each
  • Roman Toga Bundle cost $1.49
  • Individual items:

  • Leather sandals cost 49 cents
  • Toga top and bottom cost 99 cents

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  • BitLate

    BitLate Dont u think

  • dreno

    Home is ok…but man give me some games to play…focus on that…create experiences that you can't get on the 360 or wii..ans Sony would have WIN all over it….

  • Lucy Newman

    I thought that at first when I first joined HOME, but after the new additions and the fact that I don't have to pay a membership to be here. It's a great place to hang out and play with friends outside of the normal games and who doesn't like free stuff right?

  • dreno

    you are right..but i wish there was more to do than just dance and chat…making actual games on home would be sweet. like a racer or mini shooter with home avatars….

  • Lucy Newman

    Actually they did. If you like meet me on Home and I'll show you. You can play pool, bowl, arcades, vending machine games, inFamous shock game, turntable game and hopefully soon rock'em sock'em robots, racing game similar to pole position, Siren's Ward of Despair, a search game on the resident evil lot, mini-golf, buzz if you like trivia and much more. Just find me -> YuffietheGreat and my friends and I will show you.

  • dreno

    YuffietheGreat! final fantasy fan??? Yuffie was awesome! I will send you a friend request next time I am online.

  • Lucy Newman

    Final Fantasy for the World! Of course! Home is actually a nice getaway from regular games and introduces you to other gamers in the process. You'll find that one space you'll become addicted to I know it. I have friends that used to linger in the Resistance space now lingers at inFamous. I like the arcade center (not just for the free HOME stuff either) because its fun.