Eight possible Twilight games that wouldn’t entirely suck

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Twilight video game Wii fake box art Twilight Edward's SagaI may not be a Twilight fan, but one doesn’t have to be to know it’s coming. The resulting wake from the movie and book releases guarantees that a video game adaptation isn’t far behind. It’s coming. There’s already one Twilight The Video Game entry in the works, a project by BrainJunk Studios. But there’s sure to be more, as many developers and publishers are going to want to cash in on the series’ success.

That being said, there are still options. This Twilight game doesn’t have to be shovelware. It could even end up being the kind of game people who normally wouldn’t even look at Twilight related material would play. If handled properly, it may not turn out all that bad.

And, so, Gamertell has put together a list of some Twilight game suggestions. Hopefully, they’re the sort of game that would appeal to all gamers, and not just fans of the series.

1. Localize D3 Publisher’s Vampire Knight DS as Twilight DS.
Since companies are hesitant to publish visual novel games, it’d give otome and Vampire Knight fans a way to own a version of the original game in English. Just do some name changing and it’ll be fine. Yuki becomes Bella, Kaname becomes Edward, Zero becomes Jacob. It could probably work. There’d probably be quite a bit of backlash from Vampire Knight fans though.

2. The Sims 3: Twilight Expansion.
Way back in the day when The Sims was all the rage, an expansion called Making Magic was released just when Harry Potter started to get popular. The Sims 3 doesn’t have vampire sims yet or gothic furniture, so a Twilight expansion would give normal players those options. For fans of the series, there could be Twilight character sims or the new neighborhood could be Forks. It’d be a PC game, of course.

3. Twilight: Edward’s Adventures.
Okay, so the title needs work. Anyways, this could be sort of a 3D platformer. In each level, Bella has gotten herself into some sort of trouble. Edward has to get to the end of a level in a certain amount of time to keep her from becoming vampire chow, or something like that. I’m thinking the key could be in the difficulty levels. Depending on which mode you choose, you’ll have more or less time to save Bella. To placate the actual fans of the series, perhaps toss in an image of Robert Pattinson with freshly fluffed hair every few levels. I’m thinking this could be a PS2 or Wii game. It could be a good candidate for WiiWare.

4. My Life in Forks
Instead of following the books’ storyline, how about an entirely new adventure? I’m thinking a simulation game with an original storyline and all new character. Players get to be a new person who moves to Forks. Like Bella, this new character, who can be male or female, is also impossibly perfect and alluring. The goal of the game is to then build relationships with the Twilight characters. For example, female characters can become the star, stealing away Bella’s numerous suitors. To be realistic, the Bella character would then probably become your main opponent. Male characters could try and steal away Bella or the other female characters in the series. Perhaps the goal could be to get turned into a vampire. Since this kind of game has done well on the DS in Japan, let’s make it a DS game.

Twilight video game fake boxart Breaking Down PSP5. Twilight: Vampire Hunter
I’m thinking this would be the perfect game for Twilight haters. It could either be a Monster Hunter style game, where you take missions at a guild, then head out into Forks at night hunting down evil vampires. Or, it could be a stealthy FPS sort of game. Either way, it’d need to be on the Xbox 360 or PS3 to do it justice.

6. Breaking Dawn: Saving Renesmee
This is a delicate subject, since even some Twilight fans weren’t pleased with the final novel Breaking Dawn. But if you think about it, Breaking Down, if handled properly, could be reworked into a pretty decent strategic RPG. (PSP or DS, either works.) Players would follow Edward and Bella as they journeyed around the world, fighting battles against the Volturi and recruiting additional vampires to their army, so that their daughter Renesmee’s life could be saved. It wouldn’t be a direct adaptation of the actual book, more of an “inspired by” situation. To make things even more interesting, add in multiple endings, based on what actions players take to try and save Renesmee’s life.

7. Imagine: Twilight
Okay, I lied. This game could have the potential to totally suck. But, it could also end up being so laughably bad, that it somehow could be considered good. It could be a visual novel/point-and-click adventure style game that follows the storyline of the first book. Players follow Bella’s adventures, and the choices they make determine whether she wins Edward’s heart, survives her new life in Forks, doesn’t fail out of school and so on. If bad endings are included, as opposed to the canon ending, it could end up being a winner.

8. Peggle: Twilight Edition
This could end up being a hit among Peggle addicts and Twilight fans. We’ve already seen Peggle: World of Warcraft Edition, a free version of Peggle with 10 levels with World of Warcraft images. And there was Peggle Extreme, inspired by The Orange Box. Why not do the same thing with Twilight? Take 10 images from the movie, make them into Peggle puzzles, dress up Bjorn the unicorn as Edward and we’re good to go. It could be a free download, but I get the feeling PopCap would benefit greatly if they charged a small fee for it.

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  • Lisa

    I would love if there was a sims 3 twilight becuz it would be more fun they have everything else twilight why not let people bring the book more to life with being there fav character

  • mia

    I think number 6 and 7 look good. If they came out as actual games I would be intrested in buying them.

  • Kaylee

    ‘My life in Forks’ sounds so good! I wish it was real :(