Vick will join Madden after all (with a player rating of 73)

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Mike Vick Madden 2010

No sooner than I write that Michael Vick isn’t in the Madden NFL 10 roster update, the Philadelphia Eagles sign him and end all the speculation.

EA game designer and ratings czar Donny Moore said Vick will don an Eagles uniform in the August 19, 2009, update for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. Moore talked with the First Cuts blog about re-integrating Vick into the world’s bestselling football game.

“Michael Vick will debut in Madden NFL 10 as a 73 Overall Rated quarterback,” Moore explained. “He comes right in as one of the most athletic quarterbacks in the league. Things like Speed, Acceleration, Juke Move, Spin Move, Elusiveness and Agility are some of the attributes where Mike Vick ranks as an elite NFL QB.”

Moore said they took away the things a quarterback would lose during a two-year layoff from the game, such as accuracy, awareness and play action. Now EA staff will get access to game tape and if Vick improves or takes a step back in any category, Moore said subsequent roster updates will reflect as much.

As diehard fans of Madden already know, the Eagles playbook has a Wildcat formation in it. The explosive formation features an unbalanced offensive line and a direct snap that could go to a wide receiver, running back or quarterback. Most QBs don’t bring Vick’s speed to the table so even if the Eagles don’t win a Super Bowl with this move, many Madden championships could be won.

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