Toys R Us announces an incredible deal on Scribblenauts

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ScribblenautsAre you mildly interested in Warner Bros. Scribblenauts? You know, it’s that DS game where you write words on the bottom screen to make items appear to help you solve puzzles which practically every gaming outlet is heralding as the second coming. If so, you may want to stop by your local Toys R Us on September 15, 2009. There is going to be a one day promotion where a $15 gift card will be given to anyone who purchases the game.

Normally, Scribblenauts is $29.99. Thanks to the gift card, it’s more like $14.99. There’s no word yet on whether you can actually apply the gift card to the purchase when you make it, but it’s more likely that you can use it on a future Toys R Us game purchase.

This is the second recent gift card offer Toys R Us has offered. When Batman: Arkham Asylum was released, Toys R Us held a similar, limited time promotion on August 25, 2009. Members of the Rewards R Us program could get a $30 gift card when they bought the game in a store.

Aside from the gift card announcement, there’s been no other news concerning the Scribblenauts deal. Perhaps it may require people to join the Rewards R Us Program as well. It’s easy to join if it does, you can stop by the Rewards R Us site or do so in a store.

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  • Jenni Lada

    Doesn't it? I think it was Joystiq that just reported that hackers have already gotten their hands on it, dissected the game and discovered it can recognize over 22,000 words.

  • Jenni Lada

    Yup! Joystiq was the site with the latest story. You can see it here:

    And you're right! Rickroll is on the list!

  • Jessica Moen

    this game looks awesome!

  • Jessica Moen

    yikes! I heard you can even Ric Roll with it!