Tokyo Game Show 2009: Sony’s Kaz Hirai’s TGS Keynote speech all about the numbers

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Sony SCEI's Kazuo Kaz HiraiThe 2009 Tokyo Game Show is in full swing now, which means announcements concerning new games are slowly starting to trickle out of Japan. This year Kaz Hirai, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. was keynote speaker at the event. On September 23, 2009, he presented “Sony Computer Entertainment 2009 Strategy” in front of a room of anxious journalists. Pretty appropriate since, as Hirai pointed out, it’s the 15th anniversary of the original PlayStation and Sony’s first foray into video games.

Hirai’s keynote wasn’t all that eventful. There weren’t many major announcements made, aside from a 2010 release window for the PS3 motion controller. Instead, it was more of a summary of the latest PS3 and PSP related numbers. Hirai did also briefly mention at the end of the speech that he felt 3D gaming was the next big step that Sony should take and footage was shown from a number of key releases (FFXIII, The Last Guardian, LBP PSP), but mainly it was all about the numbers.

Let’s take a brief peek at the numbers he mentioned:

  • 1 million PS3 Slims have been sold in the three weeks its been available.
  • 300 PS3 games will be out by Christmas.
  • 8 million people use Home.
  • 1.28 million LittleBigPlanet stages have been created by players.
  • The US PSN video delivery service has over 33,000 movies on it.
  • 130 million PS2s have been sold.

Looks like Hirai decided to go with a, “look how good we’re doing” approach as opposed to a, “look what we’re going to be doing for you” one. I’d have preferred the latter, but the former was kind of interesting too.

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