EA Sports will show its less serious side with Madden NFL Arcade this holiday season

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jphnmadden arcade 64-bitAre you interested in playing Madden but have no desire to learn the Wildcat, shift coverages and defend against “nanos?” EA Sports is channeling the days of High Impact Football and NFL Blitz with Madden NFL Arcade, a downloadable title for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live that touts fast-paced 5-on-5 football with a 60-yard field.

There are no penalties, field goals or first-downs and Madden Arcade games play to a predetermined number of points with no set time limit.

Also, the frenetic play includes “Game Changers,” powerups that do things such as summon an army of defensive linemen and freeze your opponent’s player in place. It will include four-player local co-op and online head-to-head play. Oh, and of course there will be Xbox Achievements and PS3 Trophies

EA has been doing “extreme” versions of typical sports for years with the FIFA, NBA and NFL Street series. Most recently they took on the NHL with 3 On 3 NHL Arcade.

While that one had NHL players but not specific teams, Madden Arcade will roll out all 32 NFL franchises. This looks as if it could be a fun addition to the Madden family.

Madden NFL Arcade will be available December 15, 2009, for $14.99 on PSN or 1200 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live.

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