PS2 turns nine, Sony says system’s “life cycle will continue”

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sony playstation 2 turns nineSony’s PlayStation 2 console may have just turned nine but for fans in the know that may seem to mean there’s only one year left to the system’s life.

Sony has often mentioned a 10-year life cycle for its hardware including a comment made by President of Sony Computer Entertainment Jack Tretton to Fast Company earlier this year about the PS3.

So when Sony sent out a press release earlier today touting the PS2’s ninth birthday, I contacted Sony to find out whether or not this is the system’s final year.

Well, never fear Soniatics.

According to Abby Reyes, Sony’s Senior Public Relations Specialist:

“There’s no set date for when the life cycle of PlayStation 2 will end. As long as people keep playing, and publishers keep putting out great new titles, the console’s life cycle will continue. The longevity of the PlayStation 2 can be directly attributed to its versatility. Because it’s not only a game console, but a home entertainment hub, it has found its place in one out of every three U.S. households. That huge install base has resulted in consistent developer support and a huge library of titles along with strong retail presence, all of which allows PlayStation 2 to remain the console of choice for years to come.”

Of course no one at Sony indicated exactly how long they will continue to support the hardware or license development but that certainly reads like a positive commitment. I’m not exactly certain how the PS2 – now selling for $99 – is an “entertainment hub” but there certainly is a lot of life left in the system.

Here’s hoping for a few more good years, PS2.

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  • david

    the only sony consoles i have are ps2 and psp and i love them both